Thursday, December 2, 2021

Concealed gun law is responsible

I have a few objections to the column written by Ashley Bell ( “Concealed weapons law will increase guns,” SN 3/23). Most are minor and probably nitpicking on my part.

Why does Bell assume any substantial percentage of gun-related accidents occur with concealed weapons? This is not supported by any evidence.

Why is there the assumption that Michigan residents will have less self-restraint than residents of Florida or Texas when it comes to their new ability to carry concealed handguns? Neither of these states had an increase in gun violence or gun/road rage incidents when they passed their current concealed weapons laws, nor did any state to the best of my knowledge. Are those folks inherently better than us?

Why is there the assumption that those new gun-carrying individuals will be a problem? For whatever reason, these are folks who think they should carry a handgun. Why don’t they carry one now? Simple, it’s against the law. My conclusion is that we are discussing reasonable, responsible and law-abiding people here. If people are going to carry guns, then these are the people who I want to see carrying them.

On a personal level, I object the use of “card-carrying members of the National Rifle Association” and “cowboy” as pejorative. I am both - and proud of those descriptions.

I do give Bell credit for admitting her bias and attempting to fairly give both sides of the issue while still getting her position across. I think the column was decently written, even though I disagree with her.

To Bell, I hope you will do a little research and hopefully come to another conclusion. The Michigan Coalition for Responsible Gun Owners will be glad to help at

Michael A. Green
Belmont, Mich. resident


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