Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Studentangle is offensive to some

While in East Lansing last weekend, I was introduced to “Studentangle.” I later spent time online reading through older strips. After an hour, I was truly depressed.

I know some men see women as either “Cedarschluts” or male-bashing feminazis. But it disappoints me that MSU, an institution which tries so hard to portray itself as diverse and safe, would encourage these views. It disgusts me that The State News pays for the right to do so.

I wondered when a close friend of mine was raped in 1995, did the rapist see her like Tina - as an intelligent, attractive “Cedarschlut” who wanted to be raped?

I wonder if that rapist ever encountered any of the East Lansing groups who fight for things like a woman’s right to live without fear. But then, he probably viewed feminists as ignorant man-haters. In a country where one in three women will be raped in her lifetime, it’s easier for men to mock feminists than to look at the things we need to change.

Finally, I wonder if John Addis will read this letter and protest that it’s only a comic strip. He’s not a rapist; he’s simply trying to make people laugh. I wonder if he’ll consider the possibility that, by promoting the idea that women are indiscriminate, sex-hungry sluts and belittling feminists for trying to change things, he encourages the ongoing abuse, degradation and assault of women.

Jim Hines
1996 graduate


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