Monday, January 25, 2021

Administrations action atrocious

To the administrators of MSU: Congratulations on a job well done. Thanks to your superb actions, MSU students will have the freedom to continue wearing MSU apparel manufactured by the wondrous institution of sweatshop labor.

I would like to personally commend you for finding creative ways to dance around the issue when confronted by students Wednesday. You claimed you already called Nike to express concern over the conditions in a factory that makes MSU clothes, but could provide no evidence of this.

These students are stupid, so they will believe you. In fact, they should be happy you claimed to have jumped the gun and called Nike in private, refusing the indignity of making a follow-up call in public.

And since you seem to have such a close, personal relationship with Nike, be sure to commend them for telling The State News they are no longer using this factory to produce clothing, when the factory is used on a seasonal basis anyway and Nike plans to continue using it in the future.

I find it especially comforting that the same university that on Monday celebrated Martin Luther King Jr. Day was only two days later willing to support an institution that denies basic human rights to its workers. Didn’t King want all humans to have equal rights - or was he just talking about those of us fortunate enough to live in America?

All sarcasm aside, what happened Wednesday was atrocious. If you ask me, there are definitely some shady things going on at this university.

Sarah McDonald
journalism freshman


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