Thursday, November 26, 2020

Political system needs new parties

I don’t support Ralph Nader, but I do believe that this country needs a third party. In order for a democracy to flourish there needs to be a battle of ideas, something that a third party and Nader provides, and they should be commended for their work.

Will Nader cost Vice President Al Gore the election? Maybe. However, this is not important. Few if any sweeping changes will happen in the next four years. Our form of government will not allow it. Laws have to be passed by a bitterly partisan Congress and then upheld by the Supreme Court.

Supreme Court justices have to be approved by the Senate on national television with almost every senator watching the polls back home to see what to do. Rest assured no radicals who will threaten our democracy will be allowed.

What is more important is that Nader gets the 5 percent of the popular vote to receive federal matching funds. With federal matched funds and more ballot access Nader can once again save this country by shaking up the stagnant two-party system. If this happens in 2004 he would have to be taken seriously, allowed to debate and maybe even have a chance of winning.

Eric Okunevich
international relations and
political economy junior


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