Monday, November 30, 2020

Palm Beach ballot wasnt confusing

Over the past couple of days I have heard a lot about the ballots in Palm Beach County, Fla. that are supposedly confusing. A couple people have now filed lawsuits because they believe that the ballots were confusing. I have seen an example of the ballot and it is not confusing. I suppose it could be confusing if you didn’t read the whole ballot and weren’t paying attention to what you were doing. All of the political parties in Florida ratified the ballot. Now is not the time to say that they don’t like it. If they thought that it was really confusing they wouldn’t have ratified it. If people had questions when they were voting they could have asked for help. This is an issue about people taking their voting right seriously enough to read the entire ballot and to pay attention to which hole they punched. Our right to vote in this country is a privilege and responsibility that we should take seriously - many people have died so that we could have this right.

Angela Younglove
elementary education senior


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