Thursday, November 26, 2020

Letter shouldnt have criticized SN

This letter is in response to the letter written by Emily Kuilema (“SN presidential coverage hasty,” SN 11/9). Kuilema complained of hasty coverage of the election and criticized The State News for printing a front page story proclaiming Texas Gov. George W. Bush\'s victory in the presidential race.

So, Kuilema, how many newspapers have you published in your lifetime? I know that I personally haven’t published any, but I imagine that it’s not the easiest task in the world. Newspapers have a duty to their readers to present the most accurate news possible, and I believe that is what is upsetting to you about the incorrect story. I’m sure that late Tuesday night the editors of The State News were convinced that Bush had indeed won the election, just as millions of other Americans were.

Newspapers get sent to the presses at a very early hour of the morning. Stopping newspaper printing also isn’t easy or cost effective. Sometimes if inaccuracies are printed, a newspaper must leave them and correct them in the next issue, as The State News did in Thursday’s edition.

So, I would guess that The State News didn’t mean to print a false statement in their paper. They weren’t trying to lie to you. It’s just what happens in the newspaper business sometimes. Don’t let it get you down.

Douglas Biehl
computational mathematics senior


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