Thursday, November 26, 2020


Organizations should not close doors for non-students

MSU groups should limit the number of non-MSU students at events with a history of violence, but it should not completely restrict the events to MSU students only.

Members of the Hubbard Hall Black Caucus, as well as several other black student groups, are discussing limiting their events to MSU students to prevent violence.

Violence at on-campus minority events became more of a concern after several fights involving non-MSU students occurred this semester at the Campus Center. Fights also broke out at a large gathering of people in Spartan Village after a student-organized event at Lansing’s L.A. Globe Inc. was closed. Non-MSU students are believed to have played a part in the violence at this event as well.

While it is clear that non-MSU students have caused problems at MSU minority events, events should not completely exclude outsiders.

MSU students should have somewhere on campus to take their friends when they are visiting. Many MSU students socialize with people who don’t attend the university, and denying access to these friends discourages MSU students from attending the event.

Campus events also are a great way to showcase what MSU has to offer. Prospective students might want to check out the social aspect of the university, and on-campus events offer this opportunity.

While outsiders are not always at fault for the violence at minority events, it is clear that MSU students are more respectful of university property and are more concerned about preserving the university’s reputation. A better solution, then, is to limit the number of outsiders allowed at campus events, so that MSU students can be accountable for the actions of their guests.

The current policy, which was implemented on Oct. 20, requires a valid ID for entrance into general events at the Campus Center, allows each MSU student to bring in two guests and requires students to be responsible for the actions of these guests.

Groups also should implement sign-in policies, but should limit it to one outsider per student. This policy will ensure that at least 50 percent of attendants are MSU students.

Forcing MSU students to sign in their friends will encourage them to bring responsible guests who will not tarnish the reputation of the minority community. If students understand they will be held accountable for the actions of their guests, they will not invite guests who will cause problems.

This policy would help prevent violence at future events without infringing on students who want to bring guests. Organizations should implement this policy at future events, and if it doesn’t work, explore other options.

Another possible solution for preventing violence at these events would be to make sure organizations don’t sell more tickets than what they actually have space for. Students are going to become angry when they are shut outside of an event they were planning to attend.

Organizers should try this more subtle solution before banning all outsiders from events.


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