Thursday, November 26, 2020

Football is killing countrys youth

There is something that is killing students in America’s schools that has gone unnoticed for decades. Since Aug. 11, students have been tragically lost because of this evil, according to the National School Safety Center. All the while, no one is mentioning it in the media, no politicians have tried to regulate it. Parents’ groups have paid no attention. Yet it keeps on killing children.

The evil I speak of is high school football.

As many children die in school-related football accidents as in school-related shootings. So far, there have been zero school-related shooting deaths this school year. Yet, 11 children have died partaking in the “game” called football.

Football is no game if even one child dies. It is evil and must be regulated. The people involved in football in schools should be, at the very least, registered with the federal government and issued a photo ID. They must complete at least 100 hours of government training. Children who want to play football must take government training courses and be inspected by government doctors to make sure they are not too frail.

Hopefully, the horrors of football will result in a total ban on this evil which only exists to kill children.

Of course, there will be those who say football is a “game” and it is meant for sport or for fun. But what is their “fun” compared to the lives of children? Do they have a right to have such “fun” when so many children are dying? You could say, “I only play with friends on the weekend and we aren’t in high school.” I would say you are being a bad example for children and your “fun” could seduce them into a dangerous addiction that could cost them their lives.

Please, if it would save just one child, we must regulate and, soon, eliminate the evil “game” of football.

Greg Brown
chemistry and
computer science senior


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