Thursday, May 13, 2021

U shouldnt cut mens athletics

MSU is a member of the prestigious Big Ten Conference. It is an embarrassment that our institution must resort to cutting men’s programs.

Title IX was established to “promote gender equity in athletics,” to ensure female athletes the same opportunities as males. It truly sickens me that the recent discussion of Title IX has very little to do with a female athlete. I am a member of the women’s field hockey team. We are the only school in the Big Ten without our own turf field. We share a locker room with the football team. If it needs the stadium, we get booted in the middle of practice.

It’s good to know that “the university is committed to gender equity and complying with federal laws.” I’m sure it has to look good on paper - all those numbers. We’ve got to be within 2 percent or else here comes “disciplinary action by the Office of Civil Rights.”

Terminating a men’s program does not promote equality. It merely promotes statistics. Count me twice MSU, I’m going out for track in the spring.

Kate Wade
studio art junior


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