Saturday, November 28, 2020

Democrats favor gun legislation

We attempted to explain the concept of “Rights With Responsibilities” last year. Evidently, it wasn’t understood. The Democratic Party, by and large, is not in favor of confiscating weapons. It’s simply trying to make America a safer place for everyone. We’re in favor of “common sense gun legislation,” such as requiring trigger locks on guns to keep children from being able to intentionally or unintentionally take someone’s life with one.

Take, for instance, the shooting last year in Mount Morris Township. The gun was left in the open, a young boy picked it up and carried it to school, and a young girl lost her life. Remember Columbine? How many teenagers lost their lives because guns were too easily accessible to the assailants? How many children in Jonesboro, Ark., and other places where guns have been carried into schools have been killed? How many more children must die before adequate laws are passed and people take responsibility for properly storing their guns and keeping them away from kids?

Unfortunately instead of common sense laws, we see right-wing zealots who have pushed bills like the one that recently was brought before the Michigan House of Representatives that would allow concealed weapons to legally be brought into schools and churches across the state. Republican Texas Gov. George W. Bush signed a law in Texas that has allowed more than 17,000 concealed weapons into churches every year.

Instead of allowing guns into schools, we should be taking steps such as mandating trigger locks and taking on personal responsibility to keep weapons in safe storage where children cannot access them and hopefully put a stop to the taking of innocent lives every year.

Brad Harris
Gregory Hose

political theory and constitutional democracy sophomores


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