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Friday, August 29, 2014 | Last updated: 5:56pm

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Value your education — beyond dollars and cents

Our classes cost upwards of $440 per credit hour, and tuition is hovering around $14,000 a year. After accumulating at least 120 credits to graduate, our bachelor’s degrees will give us 98 percent more in hourly earnings than our non-diploma-holding ...

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MSU should install unisex bathrooms in all campus buildings

Everybody’s got to do their business ? whether you’re male, female or something else (and yes, there are other options). Illinois State University recently made the decision to alter their family bathrooms to become gender-neutral bathrooms. ... Read more


An open letter to older generations

Dear Silent Generation and Baby Boomers: You have given our generation a lot of nicknames: the Me, Me, Me Generation (also known as the selfish or selfie generation), Gen Why? Read more


Letter: Graduate Employees Union thanks MSU Board of Trustees

Fellow members of the MSU community:I write today to thank several people. First, in January of this year, a systematic underpayment of approximately $100,000 to graduate teaching assistants from last summer was resolved through a mutually pleasing ... Read more

Letter: MSU Students United urges Simon to freeze tuition rates

Tuition has been and continues to be far too high. MSU Students United and our 3,000 supporters are calling on you to make a public statement endorsing a tuition freeze by April 28th. If this deadline is not met, we will continue taking action towards ... Read more