• COLUMN: Miles Bridges' NBA Decision

    TULSA, Okla. — This week there is no doubt freshman forward Miles Bridges will lose hours of sleep trying to decide the fate of his future.

  • Letter: New immigration ban will have same impacts as old version

    After President Trump signed his first executive order banning immigrants and refugees from 7 Muslim-majority nations, including my parents’ home country of Syria, I along with many of my fellow students, felt anger at the injustice towards refugees fleeing persecution from their already unwelcoming home countries. 

  • Editorial: City finance should be on students' radars

    Growing government deficits are often talked about at the federal level, but we are seeing it close to home. The city of East Lansing’s deficit continues to grow, and our community must be aware of the consequences.

  • Letter: Whiteboard ban won't stop harassment or bullying

    When I saw this morning that MSU's Residential and Hospitality Services had decided to ban whiteboards from residence halls in order to reduce instances of harassment and bullying, part of me was relieved. As a Resident Assistant who has witnessed first-hand the type of written harassment this ban is presumably trying to prevent, I know that whiteboards are common mediums for students to commit incidents of harassment, bias, or other violations of MSU's strict anti-discrimination policy.

  • Letter: Does MSU discourage diversity of thought?

    In the late 1960’s, my mother’s family boarded a flight from Cuba to the United States to escape its brutally oppressive communist government. To this day, Cubans continue to flee to the United States of America for its promise of freedom and safety.

  • TSN Podcast S2E10: MSU is NIT bound

    Basketball reporter Casey Harrison alongside newsroom personality Stephen Olschanski is joined by sports editor Souichi Terada to talk about MSU's blowout loss to U-M on the road and the implications it could have for MSU for the rest of the season.

  • Editorial: Trump's immigration ban

    There is something to be said about a country that denies the huddled masses it beckons for on its foremost symbol of liberty. There is also something to be said for a school so rich in the flaunting of its diversity that it decides to do the “status quo” in protection of the international students entrusted to its care.

  • TSN Podcast S2E8: Who will win the Super Bowl?

    "Newsroom Personality" Stephen Olschanski and resident-Patriots fan/features writer Jon LeBlanc breakdown the Super Bowl LI and LeBlanc's obsession with Tom Brady and New England.

  • Letter: Inspiring black men to be both black and brilliant

    I still remember the discouragement I felt as my high school counselor tried to sway me to not attend college. That following year I graduated high school with honors, later embarking on a journey to MSU's prestigious residential college of public affairs called James Madison.

  • TSN Podcast S2E7: MSU basketball takes down Michigan

    Basketball beat writer Casey Harrison and newsroom personality Stephen Olschanski discuss MSU basketball's win over Michigan and the upcoming games for the Spartans.

  • Letter: In response to ASMSU president's letter on MSU sexual assault policy

    I was surprised to read Mr. Santavicca’s letter to the editor Jan. 24 regarding the revisions of MSU’s sexual assault policy and adjudication procedures and learn that ASMSU believes MSU’s efforts to “prevent and adjudicate allegations of sexual assault” have not served the campus community and that ASMSU believes MSU has not improved in these areas.

  • TSN Podcast S2E5: The sad state of affairs for MSU basketball

    Basketball beat writer Casey Harrison and newsroom personality Stephen Olschanski welcome long-time guest basketball beat writer Connor Clark back to the show to discuss MSU basketball's sad state of affairs.

  • Letter: Sexual Assault: Status quo or “Spartans Will” change?

    As a student, it infuriates me to see that my beloved institution continuously fails to address its desperate need for improvement when it comes to handling sexual assault. As the undergraduate student body president, it saddens me more to know my peers and constituents have lost trust in our system at MSU that made a commitment to improve the awareness for, and around, human safety and security of sexual assault.