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Friday, September 19, 2014 | Last updated: 8:59pm

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Women carry weight of assaults, violence

Being a student at MSU comes with a lot of stipulations. You have the responsibility of making connections with professors, acing exams, and creating a plan for the future. As a female student, you have additional worries.

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Clean up our throwaway culture

Couches were piled on top of each other. Love seats shoved in between made a mix of leather and suede, muted colors and cross-hatched fabric. Minor holes and tears in cushions turned into full rips from heavy rains and cold weather after previous owners ... Read more


Leave E.L. and take a walk on the capital side

Students, look to the west where Grand River Avenue fades into Michigan Avenue. Focus your eyes beyond that fine border known as the Frandor Shopping Center. You can see your state Capitol standing tall and proud in the distance and all around it is ... Read more

Get to know the people who share your floor

I have a confession. Besides my roommate, I haven’t made much of an effort to get to know many of the people in my residence hall. With classes so far away from my room in East Neighborhood (also known as the edge of the galaxy) and my workplace, I ... Read more


LETTER: ACLU of Michigan

Students have a right to vote, but it is a right that is under attack in many places in the United States. Read more

Letter: Graduate Employees Union thanks MSU Board of Trustees

Fellow members of the MSU community:I write today to thank several people. First, in January of this year, a systematic underpayment of approximately $100,000 to graduate teaching assistants from last summer was resolved through a mutually pleasing ... Read more