• Column: Izzo, MSU basketball has found their needed big man

    The human highlight reel, freshman guard Miles Bridges came into his collegiate career the star of arguably Head Coach Tom Izzo’s best recruiting class.

    Bridges showed his value early, scoring 21 points with 7 rebounds in a thrilling loss against then-No. 10 Arizona. It’s no surprise the Spartans look to him to provide momentum and scoring.

  • Column: MSU soccer has bright future, but could have advanced further this season

    On the Tuesday before Thanksgiving, I went home and saw my brother play in a district basketball game.

    “You played well,” I told him afterwards.

    My brother’s squad—the good guys—bounded ahead to a 15-point lead in the first quarter, only to abdicate it at the hands of a bloodthirsty full-court press in the second half.

  • Letter: We must protect our undocumented Spartans

    In the aftermath of Donald Trump's election, I call upon our community to protect undocumented Spartans. As a leader of the Graduate Employees Union, our labor union for Teaching Assistants on campus, I know that our undocumented members, students, and friends are a vital part of our Spartan family, and we must fight to protect them.

  • COLUMN: MSU football and a road not yet seen

    Only two things have ever been consistent for MSU football in 2016. A lead then a loss. No matter what it tried, which personnel subbed in, which packages it dumbed down, its points would never be enough.

  • COLUMN: Loss of Sadler, Hicks affected Spartans on the field all season

    Early in the fourth quarter of MSU football’s 17-16 senior day loss to No. 2 Ohio State, MSU head coach Mark Dantonio reached into his bag of tricks and pulled out a fake punt –– one where junior linebacker Chris Frey took the direct snap and ran 25 yards down the sideline for a first down.

  • Column: Media under attack, even at MSU

    A newsroom full of young journalists fell faint at around 2:30 a.m. on Nov. 9 and for possibly the first time in their careers, words could not explain the means.

    I received a call, one as an editor you hope you never have to hear.

  • TSN Podcast 24: A Penn State rant plus going for two?

    State News sports editor Casey Harrison and football writer Stephen Olschanski discuss MSU going for two late in the game against Ohio State, Stephen rants about the "rivalry" between MSU and Penn State and the guys talk about the clock error against FGCU.

  • Letter: In spirit of thankfulness

    Leaves falling, frigid weather emerging, and a number of “friends-giving” activities well underway: the sure signs for a time of giving “thanks” to our Spartan friends and family.

  • TSN Podcast 23 - Uncle Urban's retribution

    State News sports editor Casey Harrison and football writer Stephen Olschanski discuss the impending Ohio State beatdown, the College Football Playoff and MSU basketball Kentucky.

  • COLUMN: Rutgers win provides minor reprieve in dismal year

    The battle of this year’s bums of the Big Ten turned out to be nothing more than a cask of pent up frustration finally splintering then exploding all over Spartan Stadium on Saturday as MSU captured its first win in nearly seven weeks.

    In the time between wins, the FBI sifted through a trove of newly found Clinton emails and came up empty handed, the Cubs won the World Series, the United States elected Donald Trump as President-elect, Dos-a-Cero came to an end and Ohio State fell from the top five only to wind up at No. 2 by Sunday.

  • TSN Podcast 20 - MSU is still struggling and Stephen gets replaced

    Sports desk editor Casey Harrison and features desk editor Connor Clark discuss the current state of affairs concerning MSU football. Do personnel changes need to be made? Is U-M's Jabrill Peppers deserving of the Heisman?

  • COLUMN: It's time for Dantonio to shake things up for MSU football

    For all intents and purposes, let’s say MSU beats Rutgers next Saturday.

    Then we can assume an Ohio State team that just manhandled No. 10 Nebraska embarrasses the Spartans in East Lansing and MSU proceeds to fall to No. 12 Penn State to end the season.

    That would mean MSU football finishes the season 3-9 with one Big Ten win just a year removed from a College Football Playoff appearance.