• Column: Shedding some light on the easy major myth

    I’ll admit it: when it comes to grades, I can be an over-achiever. Usually, I’m unhappy with anything but a 4.0 and I freak out before exams and usually do just fine.

  • COLUMN: God no longer loves the Spartans

    God no longer loves the Spartans. After a year of seemingly miraculous wins and out-right luck for murky coaching decisions bailed out by the development of pro-material, MSU has hell to pay for its successes.

  • TSN Podcast #15 — The boys talk to NFL Hall of Famer Rick Gosselin

    State News sports editor Casey Harrison and football writer Stephen Olschanski talk with NFL Hall of Fame writer Rick Gosselin of The Dallas Morning News, MSU football, Cubs World Series chances and the passing of sports writer Drew Sharp.

  • Letter: Hillary is ready for the job, are you?

    I’m tired. I’m stressed out. I’m ready for Election 2016 to be over. I know you are too. But now is the last time to get complacent...there is way too much at stake. We’ve dealt with “the Donald” being a candidate for well over a year now, but the end is now in sight.

  • Letter from MSU Professor: My regrets on not voting

    I have never regretted a vote that I have cast. Almost 50 years later, I bitterly regret the one vote I did not cast.

    The election of 1968 occurred in a country riven by the Vietnam War. Ultimately, almost 60,000 Americans died, more than 150,000 were wounded, more than two million Vietnamese, Cambodians, Laotians and others died.

  • TSN Podcast 14: What needs to change with MSU football?

    State News sports editor Casey Harrison and football writer Stephen Olschanski discuss MSU football's loss to Northwestern and why the team won't be beat Michigan and the changes that need to be made.

  • TSN Podcast #13 — Can MSU beat Northwestern?

    State News sports editor Casey Harrison and football writer Stephen Olschanski put MSU on alert as the Spartans are no sure favorites against Northwestern.

  • Editorial: The State News endorses Hillary Clinton

    In a year of vast divide over patriotism, nationalism and the economic direction of the country, only Hillary Clinton has stood as the realistic candidate for president of the United States. She has delivered time and again a levelheaded approach, based on pragmatism and a nod toward bipartisanship, in her political record.

  • Letter: ASMSU to revisit decision to invite presidential candidates


    During the past few days, there have been some unfortunate actions that have occurred within the Associated Students of Michigan State University (ASMSU). These actions have direct implications on several of our student communities on and off campus, and for that I sincerely apologize. 

  • Editorial: Be wary of the dangers of party alliance

    It's Saturday morning, there is a bitter chill sweeping through your half opened window as you roll over on your side. You curl your covers over you, hoping that it will provide you warmth. Crusty eyed, you're done hitting the snooze button for a third time, and decide to get up. You throw on your green and white and blair the sounds of Falcone Fight, waking up your roommates and the floor below you.

  • Letter: Vote for Jill Stein for president

    The time is short. What do we do about voting? What will be the impacts of voting on your life? Will students always face insurmountable debt?

  • COLUMN: MSU football is stuck in a youthful limbo

    Some dreams die young. MSU football's died in infancy.

    After shocking the world last season behind heart attack victories en route to the College Football Playoff, MSU unveiled the naive mantra of “Back2Back.”

    It had that childish pretense of wanting to grow up a superhero before learning the realities that magic, Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy do not exist outside the mind and flying, requires wings.