• Column: Yeah, that loss was bad, but MSU is a long way from 3-9

    If you’re the type of fan able to put a positive spin on MSU’s blowout loss to Ohio State, I’ll respect the hell out of that. The journey will be long. An honorable, noble task that should be celebrated, really.

  • Letter: It is Not Okay to be White

    Racism now is all the things said and unsaid that contribute to the undermining of what people of color have been trying to tell us for years. Racism is alive and well, people feel it, people see it, why can’t we? 

  • Column: Let us appreciate the MSU offense's clutchness

    So let’s come together to rightfully acknowledge and crown this MSU offense for its desperate need to deliver down the stretch; shock a poor group of fans who just want a comfortable, blowout win.

  • Editorial: Vote 'Yes' on E.L. income tax

    There’s no way around it — East Lansing is in financial stress and needs money. Generating revenue is its best solution.

  • The State News endorses Beier, Stephens for city council seats

    East Lansing’s local government has been in the spotlight for several months now — from Country Mill Farms’ court case against the city to the income tax proposal — and the importance of a strong city council is as important as ever.

  • There Will Be Criticism: Blade Runner 2049

    While in many ways 2049 is a perfect movie, it withholds the overwhelming emotional kick I’ve become accustomed to in Villeneuve’s work, an outcome that left me puzzled as I left the theatre. 

  • There Will Be Criticism: American Made

    Much of Made’s energy erupts from its visual style. Central to the film’s narrative is a series of video tapes Barry self-records, and in echoing that importance and capturing the period cinematographer César Charlone employs a light video-esque color scheme across the whole of the film. 

  • Editorial: Raising our voices, telling your stories

    The State News is paying attention to you. We are listening to you. Your stories of sexual assault, abuse and harassment don’t go unnoticed. 

    If you’re willing to share, we’ll be here with pens poised and notebooks ready. 

  • Opinion: Awareness isn't enough to prevent sexual assault

    On Monday, a social media campaign launched by Charmed actress Alyssa Milano to raise awareness for sexual assault and harassment survivors in light of the recent scandal involving director Harvey Weinstein took Facebook and Twitter by storm with hundreds of thousands of survivors posting "#MeToo," while some opted to relay their personal experiences. 

  • Column: Laughing at a reporter for doing her job is just wrong

    Just because I am a female and writing about sports does not make me any less than the men who work alongside me. Along with other female sports journalist, we understand what is going on and we are there to report it. We are doing our jobs on getting news out there and letting the fans know what is going on and that is exactly what Rodrigue did. 

  • Know Thy Enemy: O'Korn, the Michigan defense and more

    Taking a small break from the rivalry, The State News interviewed Ted Janes, a Daily Sports Writer for The Michigan Daily, and asked him four questions about Michigan Wolverines football.