• Editorial: History still has its eyes on MSU

    It took a village of complicit individuals in places of power to create a safe haven for Larry Nassar. It will take an unwavering horde of vigilant, courageous individuals to dismantle it.

  • Letter: There is no healing at MSU, trustees must resign

    If MSU wants to recover as an institution and a community, the next step must be the immediate resignation of the entire Board of Trustees, along with every single official in Interim President Engler’s cruel and corrupt administration.

  • Editorial: Trustees, you're done

    The State News Editorial Board — among several other voices echoing in your ears — is calling for every single one of you to resign, effective immediately.

  • Letter: MSU should respond to campus racism

    " I wouldn't object to that; honestly, I just want to see some effort at accountability and doling out of disciplinary action on the part of the university, some sort of practical consequence to truly send the message that this will not be tolerated on our campus, something other than a blasé, 'Well, people talk, nothing we can do about it.'"

  • The State News is your voice — and it needs your help

    The day started in court. It ended with the conclusion of a 20-year storyline — with 156 victim impact statements, with ex-MSU and USA Gymnastics doctor Larry Nassar behind bars and with President Lou Anna K. Simon’s resignation letter.

    On Jan. 24, MSU launched into uncharted waters.

  • The State News ranks MSU neighborhoods

    The State News broke down what we believe are the best — and yes, the worst — residence halls of each of MSU’s five neighborhoods, according to factors like distance from classes, proximity to the best dining halls, amenities offered by each hall and more. 

  • ASMSU letter to the editor: 'We are listening'

    We recognize many students will disagree with this path; we can only say that we see this as the best choice among unappealing options at a difficult time for our university. 

  • Editorial: One year later, MSU still needs to be transparent

    MSU has no right to be quiet about issues of sexual harassment and sexual assault, nor should MSU sit back and allow these issues to boil over until the administration is forced to address them.

  • Letter: Board, ASMSU has not been transparent

    Through its support of the board, ASMSU has continued the cycle of ignoring student concerns in favor of the convenient answer. Students on campus are clearly dissatisfied by this state of affairs, and their activism represents clear policy goals. These policy goals cannot be achieved by the current administration.

  • Editorial: Spartans are ready to talk, MSU must be ready to react

    In order to create change, in order for every Spartan to move forward on a united front, in order for MSU and its Spartans to learn anything from the Nassar situation, there needs to be an open, honest dialogue from both sides.

    Spartans are doing their part.