Do-it-yourself: Crayons on canvas


Use every child’s favorite artistic medium — crayons — to create your own home embellishment to decorate your living space.

A box of crayons
Canvas or another type of display board
Hair dryer

1. Peel off the paper labels from all of the crayons.
2. Glue the crayons in a straight line along the top of your canvas, and make sure they are pointing down. I grouped my crayons based on colors, but you can organize yours however you want.
3. Lay down some newspaper around your workspace because as the crayons begin to melt, the liquid wax tends to drip off the board and onto the floor.
4. Using your hair dryer, heat up the crayons until they begin to melt. Continue applying heat until the crayons melt as much as you want them to.
5. Let your masterpiece dry for a few minutes, and then it should be ready to be displayed.


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