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Sunday, August 2, 2015

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SN Style File

McQueen brings new leggings alternative

By Caitlin Leppert          Posted: 09/24/12 7:08pm         

College girls, rejoice! This fall, wearing leggings, as pants will no longer be considered a fashion faux pas. In fact, the trend appears to be advancing from loungewear into the realm of high fashion.

Leggings themselves are no new feature of the fashion world, but the embrace of them as pants is a fairly recent trend that has drawn a lot of attention.

*A drift from the origin *

Originally, designers intended leggings to be paired with long sweaters, tunics, dresses and the like. This fall, the loudly-patterned leggings appearing in various designers’ collections are unique from their monochromatic cousins.

Well known designer Alexander McQueen included painted floral leggings paired with a basic, maroon sweater in the fall 2012 collection. The combination was only a slight variation from what has been popular on MSU campus for the past few years.

As present within all trends, some do it better than others. Alexander McQueen is doing it right. The girl in front of you wearing leggings thin enough to show her underwear is doing it wrong — oh, so very wrong.

How to wear them

It’s been brought up time after time but the message has yet to sink in. If you’re leggings are thin in anyway, your underwear is almost guaranteed to show through— no matter what type of underwear you’re wearing. It’ll happen when you’re walking, when you bend over and when you’re in just the right angle of sunlight.

If we thought underwear lines with our jeans were bad, when did anyone get the idea it was okay to wear transparent legging-pants?

I encourage you to embrace patterned leggings this fall, as I would encourage you to embrace any fashion trend, but please, ensure the material of your leggings is suitable for public display.

After checking the opacity of your leggings, try asking yourself why you’re wearing them. If you’re experimenting with this season’s trend, props on being bold. On the other hand, if you’re trying to disguise your athletic spandex leggings with a cute top, you aren’t fooling anyone. The two obviously shouldn’t be paired together and your outfit will come off as mismatched.

Follow McQueen and invest in a pair of high-quality patterned leggings. The higher quality will ensure a thicker fabric and the pattern will detract from any unanticipated transparency.

Don’t attract stares because your clothes are see-through; attract stares because you’re rocking a trend this fall.

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