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Sunday, August 30, 2015 | Last updated: 4:59pm

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Importance of procrastination

By Greg Olsen          Posted: 12/04/12 9:14pm         

Well, it’s happening again.

As a senior, I had hoped my old bad habits would have disappeared by this point in my college career, but as I found myself five episodes deep into the first season of 30 Rock at 2 a.m., I realized my finals procrastination had returned.

This isn’t anything new. Each year, I manage to find some new way of distracting myself the week before finals, and each year I promise myself it will never happen again.

To make matters worse, when I think back on the television shows and other things I chose to devote my time to, they never really seem to coincide with the idea of school in any way, and seem more like activities that dumbed me down for the week ahead.

The list varies.

Freshman year it was Laguna Beach (which I’m not ashamed of); sophomore year was alien conspiracies on YouTube; and junior year was spent trying to trick my roommate into believing our house was haunted. Although these procrastination methods stand as the three activities I am, possibly, the least proud of during my time at school, by the time finals week was over, I found something to hold true.

Despite devoting a large portion of my time to these extracurricular activities, finals week, like it does each year, came and went, and I survived.

So, if there is anything you can take from this embarrassing story about my secret passions, it’s this: don’t stress yourself out too much this week.

No matter what, next week we’ll all have to take part in the collegiate tradition of spending two hours out of our day to feel intellectually inadequate, but come Friday night we’ll all be free.

Although studying obviously is necessary, don’t forget to take a breath, get some sleep and treat yourself to some much needed procrastination time.

Who knows? You’re probably doing it right now.

After all, you’re reading this.

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