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Sunday, August 30, 2015

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Opinion Blog

Thoughts from a freshman

By Robert Bondy          Posted: 11/28/12 7:03pm         

With the first semester finally coming to an end in the next few weeks, it is time to look back at the life lessons I’ve learned during my first period away from home and living on my own. These lessons can serve as tips for future generations of MSU freshmen and as guidelines for achieving the best college experience.

Hot wheels

It didn’t take me long to realize how dangerous bikers are at MSU. Simply walking to class every day is a potential accident with all the crazy bikers on campus. I’ve witnessed multiple biker-on-walker and even biker-on-biker crashes, and let me tell you, they did not end prettily. So the lesson here is to always look before crossing anything and maybe invest in a helmet.

Early bird

Another lesson I learned was to not show up on time to any parties. I made this mistake when I showed up just a few minutes after the scheduled start of a party. It doesn’t get any more awkward than being the first to a party and sitting there on the couch with only a few people with whom to chat. So when the Facebook invite says 10 p.m., it really means 11 p.m., or later.

Football fanatic

My next lesson was learning how fun the football games are. The game itself has always been something I attended with family, but being a student changes the whole experience. The tradition of tailgating before the game only adds to it and makes it a daylong event. So I strongly would recommend for all students to buy season tickets next year and participate in Spartan football game days.

Keep your head up

After working at The State News, it’s been easy to recognize how a lot of people try to pick at your work and bring you down. The substantial amount of negative comments I got on one of my earlier blogs addressing intramural flag football proved how everyone will look to point out your flaws. So my advice here is to dismiss all of the negative comments you receive, in any situation, because no one’s opinion is worth more than your own.

Get involved

My last and final lesson is on a more serious note. I’ve realized you never can start preparing for your future too early. This semester, I joined The State News to receive experience that a class simply can’t provide. So regardless of what you’re aspiring to become, there is no better time to start working toward that now by getting involved in an internship or MSU organization.

These are only a few of the many lessons I’ve learned this past semester, and hopefully these lessons can be used by other freshmen so they can avoid awkward preparty chats and deadly biking collisions.

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