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Sunday, August 30, 2015 | Last updated: 4:59pm

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Thanksgiving has new meaning for freshmen

By Robert Bondy          Posted: 11/19/12 5:29pm         

With Thanksgiving break just days away for us, the excitement of family dinners, Lions football and meeting up with old friends from other schools is building.

It almost seems as if this week’s classes are pointless, with so many things unrelated to algebra or communication arts and sciences classes clogging my thoughts.

While Thanksgiving always has been one of my favorite holidays, the break holds more magnitude now that I attend MSU. While in high school, the holiday break stood as simply time away from school with the lofty goal of playing for a football state championship over Thanksgiving weekend. But now it means so much more than this.

Getting the chance to see family and friends whom I’ve longed to see since the early fall now holds the primary significance.

In high school, everyone has their close group of friends whom they consider their “boys” or “BFFs,” and in most cases, you don’t all end up going to the same college. Thanksgiving gives you the chance to see them again, and in many ways, it is like your future 10-, 20- and 30-year high school reunion.

The opportunity to have a sleepover in your best friend’s basement while their little sister is trying to flirt with you seems juvenile, but is something you can’t fully appreciate until it’s gone, and Thanksgiving gives you the opportunity to re-engage in these past memories.

Another one of the great things Thanksgiving break brings is the opportunity to see ma and pa. As you grow older, the odds of seeing your parents on a regular basis start to decrease, as we all have noticed now that we’re in college.

So the opportunity to go home and sleep in your own bed and just hang around the house is something we finally can value. It’s ironic that, just a few years ago, this was something that was considered a lame evening that we all tried to avoid.

The cliche idea that everything changes when you head to college has held true for some things, and for me and other freshmen across the country, it seems as if it will for Thanksgiving as well.

The opportunity to see your loved ones is something I now fully am thankful for, and with that, I now finally can appreciate the significance of Thanksgiving break.

It’s more than good food, football and time off from school. It’s a five-day gathering with your closest friends and family — something that I now truly value.

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