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Saturday, August 29, 2015

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Campus now more connected with study abroad than in past

By Christine LaRouere          Posted: 02/13/13 7:47pm         

On Monday, March 9, 1987, The State News covered the need for more interaction between African and black students on campus. The need for more study abroad programs to Africa was addressed and student group explained the importance to have each group understand one another.

Organizations such as “Harambee” were one of the student groups to help interactions between African and blacks. They pointed out that blacks are the only race to not be identified with their homeland.

They found this need to bridge the gap to between the difference of Africans and black is important to preserve the black identity.

Today, MSU students of any race have the opportunity to study abroad in Africa and learn about the culture. Knowing that MSU has come a long way between race relations between different groups on campus shows how diverse the university has become.

In the article, a black student explained how MSU only had one study abroad program in MSU. MSU currently has more than 10 study abroad programs in southern Africa.

Students back then also said to help fund the trips, they needed grants from the school. By going on these trips, students said it would help make this gap smaller between the Africans and blacks on campus.

MSU seems to notice the importance of study abroad programs in Africa because of the amount of programs in South Africa. Students also can get grants to go one these study abroad programs that MSU received from MasterCard Foundation Scholars Program and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

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