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Monday, August 3, 2015 | Last updated: 11:31am

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Drake Bell vs. Justin Bieber: Just how awesome can this be?

By Matt Sheehan          Posted: 04/08/13 12:49am         

Remember the days of Drake Bell starring on the hit Nickelodeon shows “All That,” “Drake and Josh,” and even getting hit in the head with objects on “The Amanda Show”? Well, in case you almost forgot about him, he made his presence felt again, but this time it wasn’t all fun and games.

Actually, come to think of it, it all started with a game, when Bell tweeted out his new idea for a “Miley Cyrus or Justin Bieber” game. It was simple, he tweeted a picture of one of them, and everyone had to guess, except winning it is a little harder than one would think.

Regardless, just the idea of someone saying anything less than spectacular about Bieber will send his fans, or Beliebers, into a state of criminal-like thinking. In this episode of “Let’s Lose Our Minds Over Something,” Beliebers extended their wishes to Bell, letting him know that they wanted his plane to crash. Sounds sane enough.

It didn’t end there, however, as Bell reminded everyone that talk is cheap as he tweeted out he will be landing at LAX at 11:55, and courteously invited them to greet him at baggage claim.

So what’s next? How awesome can a beef between a former child star and a current mega-celebrity with a maniac fan base really get? Well, let’s find out in this list of likely scenarios:

1. Bieber tweets back. And why shouldn’t he? If this guy jumped off the Grand Canyon while wearing a gorilla suit, then the Grand Canyon would be full of teenage girls and costume stores would be out of primate wear in 12 minutes flat. Beiber has the support of tens of millions, and the Twitterverse is just home court advantage for him as well.

2. Bieber comes out with a diss track. Also note that this would be the weakest sounding diss track of all time. Unless you think a slim white kid talking about how Bell lacks “swaggy” a good diss track, then we should all just stick into the 2pac and Biggie days.

3. Speaking of 2pac and Biggie… could you imagine if this exploded into a “my gang vs. your gang” sort of deal? (head explodes from laughing too hard) Instead of guns and knives, weapons would be rolled-up Bieber posters and shards of broken CD cases, and we would have to replace bandanas with concert t-shirts.

4. A pay-per-view MMA fight. This is what everyone should be pulling for, as the storylines are endless: 90s kids against new millenium kids. Washed up actor against a celebrity at the top. Class against swag. People would pay an irresponsible amount of money to watch this ironically funny matchup.

5. World War III. Will this make Kim Jong Un snap? Was he waiting for someone to rip into his beloved Bieber to launch the missile? Let’s all remember, this man isn’t too mentally sane, and is willing to kill anyone who says the wrong words.

Then again, so will Bieber fans.

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