Face Time: William Gholston


With the NFL Draft underway at Radio City Music Hall in New York City, NFL prospects sit by their phones and wait for a call to join the pro ranks.

Former MSU defensive end William Gholston is one of those players. He and his Spartan teammates in the draft could be waiting for a call from an NFL team even after the draft concludes Saturday.

The State News asked Gholston about his preparation for the draft, where he wants to play and the role of his former Spartan coaches and teammates.

– Zach Smith, The State News

The State News: What are you doing to prepare for the draft?

William Gholston: Making sure nobody calls me. That’s the only preparation I need. Only the coaches call me.

TSN: How do you tell your friends and family to leave you alone?

WG: It’s pretty easy. Since the draft process (started), I haven’t been talking to too many people very much. I just send them a mass text and say, ‘I need my phone to be clear today, or this whole weekend.’

TSN: Has the draft process been fun?

WG: It’s been a wonderful process. The opportunity to be a part of the 1 percent of athletes that make it to the professional level, it takes a loss of words, especially since I’ve had that dream since I was a little boy.

TSN: Have you had any contact with former teammates also in the draft?

WG: Yeah. I see (tight end) Dion (Sims) is at Michigan State. He does a workout, I do a workout. We meet up in the training room and chat it up a little bit there.

TSN: Where are you working out now?

WG: I’m working out with (Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach) Lorenzo Guess and the other strength and conditioning coaches at Michigan State.

TSN: Where to do you want to get drafted and play?

WG: That’s the easiest part about this process is the team that wants you the most is going to pick you. Unlike the high school recruiting process where you’ve got to break down every team you want to go to and plan out your next four years, the team that wants you the most is going to pick you. And they already broke everything down from a personal life and a football life.

TSN: What teams interviewed you or have told you they were interested?

WG: At the combine I had 18 or 19 interviews. Throughout the process, I’ve talked to a few teams.

TSN: What advice has the Spartan coaching staff given you?

WG: Play fast and play hard when you do get there, and become a better student of the game.

TSN: Any advice for the current Spartans looking to be drafted in the future?

WG: Every snap, every lift counts. The things that you do at Michigan State will take you to the next level if you dedicate yourself.

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