ASMSU re-elects Martinak president for second term, two vice presidents chosen


Wednesday night, ASMSU, MSU’s undergraduate student government, elected current ASMSU President Evan Martinak for a second term.

“I am running for re-election because there is so much more to do,” Martinak said. “A second term will give me the opportunity to move forward and finish the long-term projects we’ve created.”

The general assembly had elected Martinak president, Mitchell Goheen as vice president for academic affairs and Michael Mozina as vice president for finance and operations.

Mozina held the same position this past academic year, while Goheen was one of the general assembly representatives.

Both Martinak and Mozina ran unopposed, while Goheen was elected over history senior Milan Griffes.

During Martinak’s speech to the general assembly, he said he would like to see more student involvement in the next academic year.

To improve student awareness of ASMSU, the organization hosted a $25,500 spring carnival and Ne-Yo concert, however neither worked out as planned — the spring carnival had a low turnout and the Ne-Yo concert was canceled because of low ticket sales.

ASMSU also is battling with the university to remain independent and keep funds in an off-campus account. However, the university will withhold all student tax funding until the organization puts its funds in the hands of the MSU financial system.

Martinak is not letting the recent issues hold ASMSU hostage. Instead he views them as a learning experience and continues to hold high hopes for the upcoming year, he said in his speech.

“Let’s recommit to our core values of community service, and scholarship, and collectively strive to better ourselves and the undergraduate experience at Michigan State,” Martinak said.

Like many other ASMSU officials, general assembly representative James Conwell, a human biology junior, said the organization is MSU’s student voice, and he wants the students to be heard.

“I think the most important thing we do at ASMSU is represent the students voice,” Conwell said. “I think we need to go door to door in the dorms and approach the students to warn them that their voice is getting lost. Because the most important thing we can do right now is let them know what’s at stake.”

In addition to increasing student involvement and providing better resources for students to learn about real-world situations, Mozina wants to enforce the Safe Ride program as soon as possible during the new term.

“The goal of the Safe Ride program is to protect students from violence, sexual assault, drunk driving and guarantee their overall safety,” Mozina said. “I plan to move the program to the next level. It takes a high priority on my goals as it will spread ASMSU’s name to not only the students, but to the community on ensuring students’ safety.”

General assembly representatives addressed an overall positive outlook on the candidates selected so far for next year’s term, as well during the meeting.

Journalism junior Monica Reida was one of the representatives on the general assembly and said she was pleased with the candidates and where they want to take ASMSU.

“I would like to see us remaining independent of the university,” Reida said. “I think we have plenty of people who have been elected tonight and can do that. And based on the information I received from other representatives and leadership that the people elected tonight are perfect for the tasks and I hope that is the same for tomorrow night.”

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