RHA elects new president


Zachary DeRade was elected as the next Residence Halls Association, or RHA, president for next year’s 44th session at the general assembly meeting Wednesday night at Shaw Hall.

Current RHA Communications Coordinator DeRade and RHA Director of Movie Offices Greg Rokisky were the two candidates running for the position, with DeRade earning more votes from the general assembly members.

DeRade will officially take over as the RHA president during a meeting in April.

Both candidates gave 10 minute speeches at the meeting, with DeRade electing to go first. RHA general assembly members asked many questions to both candidates following the speeches, with the questioning period lasting about an hour per candidate.

DeRade said he is excited about winning the election and will be looking to meet with members from this past year’s session to prepare for next year.

“I will start considering how I will sit down with the (43rd) session, and talk about different points that we need to focus on so we can carry that on to the next session and make sure we are delivering that service even better,” DeRade said.

DeRade said he hopes to improve relationships between other organizations on campus, such as ASMSU, MSU’s undergraduate student government, and greek life, to better RHA.

“Really, the best way to do that is to actually sit down with those leaders of those organizations and asking them ‘what can RHA do for you,’” DeRade said. “We’re really open to collaboration with other organizations and also discussing those future plans that might happen.”

Even though Rokisky was not elected, he said he will continue to be involved with RHA, hopefully as a member on the executive board.

“I’m not going anywhere — a position doesn’t define a leader, but a leader defines a position,” Rokisky said. “I will be apart of RHA if it’s the last thing I do.”

RHA will meet again Feb. 27 with its regular general assembly meeting. Vice president elections will take place at the meeting after spring break.

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