Thursday, February 29, 2024

Steve Eder

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Snowed in?

What to do during this winter weather? Our quick hits will help you enjoy yourself and the snow. Staying in Make the best of a night "snowed in," and throw in one of these movies guaranteed to thaw out your evening and probably your VCR. Communication junior Ben Wiedmaier prefers to get lost in an adventure when he can't get away. "Longer movies are good, like epic movies because they take you back," said Wiedmaier.


Homemade merriment

A battle ax, a massage chair, a piece of rice with a name engraved on it — no one can deny the impressive selection of gifts at the mall. Pre-law senior Danielle Dunn has one specific mall gift in mind. "If my boyfriend doesn't give me a Build-A-Bear this Christmas, I'll be mad," she said.