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Students plan finals strategies

If sunny skies and high temperatures are calling you from your stuffy seat in the library during finals week, maybe you should listen. Health Educator Jonathan Kermiet said students should allow themselves short periods of time during study sessions to relax and regroup mentally. “Give yourself liberty and license to take short breaks,” said Kermiet, who recommends that students take walks, practice breathing exercises or listen to music to relieve stress. “Cramming is not useful - especially if you’re just sitting there for hours.” Students should try to get a full night of sleep before taking tests.


Program offers women a break away from routine

It’s a day that 900 women will come together to learn about and celebrate the melody in their lives.The Kaleidoscope 2001, sponsored by the MSU Alumni Association, takes place today at the Kellogg Center, and includes a luncheon and informational sessions in the morning and early afternoon.The theme, An Aria for Everyone’s Life, will focus on music, health and creativity in women’s lives.Alumni Association member Beverly Carnahan said Kaleidoscope, in its 27th year, was created to provide women an opportunity to break away from normal routines and receive information on health concerns and other issues.“The sessions impact events surrounding women’s day to day lives,” she said.“It’s an excellent day for women to come abreast of current things that may have a bearing on their lives.”And the public has been receptive to the event in the past, Carnahan said.“Kaleidoscope has always been one of our most popular events,” she said.“It’s an outstanding program - every year we’ve been at capacity.”Soprano Roberta Peters is the keynote speaker for this year’s Kaleidoscope, and will perform following the luncheon.Peters is a recipient of the National Medal of Art and the Bolshoi Medal, and has performed all over the world.Alumni Association member Sharon Radtke said the association was looking forward to having a vocalist at Kaleidoscope this year.“We thought is would be fun, and opera is something different,” Radtke said.


Teams race for cancer research

The cheers resonating throughout Jenison Field House on Friday afternoon were for the students and community members of all ages who walked the opening lap of the Relay For Life to the tune “I Will Survive.”Wearing bright yellow shirts that read, “Had it.