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Kristyne E. Demske

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Alumni capture successful roles

The high school set of “Boston Public” doesn’t look much like the classrooms and buildings on MSU’s campus, where Anthony Heald - who plays Scott Guber - got his start. But if he’s lucky his career with the Fox series, on which he plays a hard-nosed yet slightly dorky assistant principal, will last as long as his MSU career. Heald, who graduated in 1971 after his nine-year, off-again-on-again enrollment, said his determination ultimately helped him graduate from MSU, and land the prestigious television role on the show that just completed its first season. “I took three years out to work in theater and I also went part-time for five terms,” Heald said.


Locals debate potential apology

As the controversy between the United States and China continues, MSU students and local veterans groups are debating about whether the Bush administration should apologize to the Chinese government. “It’s a really awkward position,” said Leang Eap, a marketing and Chinese senior.


Time management is key to success

On one of her busier days, Tonia McFadden wakes up about 6 a.m. and hops in the shower.Shortly thereafter, the audiology and speech sciences junior wakes her 15-month-old son, Zachary Shantry, and gets him dressed and ready.By ten after seven, they’re out the door.Zachary’s then dropped off at day care so McFadden can make it to her job at University Stores, where she works 12 hours a week.She stays there until noon, and then she’s off to classes, which get underway around 12:40 p.m.After class, she catches a bus home, then drives to Zachary’s day care to pick him up around 5 p.m.