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Probe into MSU's sexual assault response linked to 2010 incident

The federal investigation of MSU’s handling of sexual assaults by U.S. Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights is directly linked to an alleged assault involving two basketball players that allegedly occurred in August of 2010 in Wonders Hall.University spokesman Jason Cody told The State News that a Title IX complaint regarding the alleged assault resulted in a federal investigation of how the university responds to sexual assault reports.


Livingston County judge gives I-96 shooter up to 44 years in prison for terrorism, assault

Convicted I-96 shooter Raulie Casteel was sentenced to 16-40 years for terrorism and 2.5-4 years for felony assault Monday afternoon in Livingston County District Court. Casteel, 44, went on a shooting spree along the I-96 corridor, shooting at motorists across several different counties. In February, the MSU alumnus was sentenced to 6.5 to 10 years in prison in Oakland County for multiple assault and weapons charges after accepting a plea deal. Although Casteel's mental state often was the subject during his trial proceedings, the diminished capacity plea to lessen charges based on mental illness was eliminated in Michigan in 2012.Casteel was found to have delusional disorder following a court-ordered independent evaluation. 


Investigation: Office of Civil Rights reps meet with student groups

As a part of the U.S. Department of Education’s plan to investigate MSU’s handling of alleged sexual assault and sexual violence complaints, representatives from the department’s Office for Civil Rights, or OCR, are visiting campus this week to hear from students.Department of Education spokesman Jim Bradshaw told The State News Monday that it is currently investigating Title IX sexual harassment and violence complaints that are pending against MSU. Neither the OCR nor MSU have provided additional information regarding the claims.

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