Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Kaishi Chhabra is an Enterprise Reporter for The State News.

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A look into an international student's experience at MSU

So, to my fellow international and domestic Spartans, I would like to say thank you. For being fearless and loyal. For holding your peers and fellow professionals accountable. For courageously attempting to bridge the global differences and uniting us all no matter where we are. For fighting for what is right and for giving me a chance to dream and keep on dreaming. But most importantly for being who you are. 


'We need to start normalizing standing up for each other': Women of color at MSU share experiences of racism

“We need to start normalizing standing up for each other,” communication junior Alondra Alvarez said. “I feel like the word ‘ally’ is used a lot but an ally ... is someone who stands up for each other no matter who's in the room. ... I'm not only going to stand up for you and your community when you're around. I'm going to stand up even when you're never around. And that's something that I feel like we all need to start doing.” 

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