Thursday, September 16, 2021

Jaclyn Roeschke

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McPherson punches out

Into the wee hours of the night, he can be seen chomping on a Philly Titan cigar in his office. He's impatient - he wants everything to be done yesterday so he can move onto a new project, said Fred Poston, vice president for Finance and Operations. Others who know MSU President M.


McPherson reflects on pre-university experience, growth

When MSU President M. Peter McPherson came to the university 11 years ago, he stepped right out of the banking world and was thrust into the academic spotlight. Widely known for his financial and political experience, some members of the MSU community doubted his ability to run a major research university. "Before I came to MSU, I was at Bank of America," said McPherson, who managed $600 million as the bank's executive vice president.


Med school move talks postponed after death

Discussions between officials from Grand Rapids and MSU to iron out details regarding the move of MSU's College of Human Medicine have been delayed following a death. David Van Andel, president and CEO of the Van Andel Institute, was going to facilitate the first meeting between university and Grand Rapids officials today.


McPherson to move to Va.

MSU President M. Peter McPherson will move to Arlington, Va., in January to work with several international development groups, but will stay on the university's payroll as a consultant. The $143,650 consultancy position will pay McPherson to be involved in university issues after he resigns as president on Jan.