Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Devan Pennington

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MSU Greenline: Behind the scenes of Big Ten's largest calling program

MSU Greenline is a student-run calling program located on Michigan State's campus. Supervisors and employees of Greenline, such as former supervisor Alec Strauss and current employee Jeremiah Grant, say that Greenline is the best job on MSU's campus. "I've worked at Greenline for 12 semesters and been a supervisor for the past 10 semesters," Strauss said. "I had a team of about 10-15 callers."


Healthy eats in East Lansing

When in a rush it's easy to pick up food that isn't healthy. In a city with more than 50 restaurants, East Lansing doesn't count healthy food out. Places like Sultan's, located in Okemos and East Lansing, and Tropical Smoothie serve quick and healthy meals for customers on the go.