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It's 2:41 a.m., and you're sitting alone in a local coffee shop armed with a large French roast cup of java.


MSU Scuba Club discovers a new world underwater

Decked out in scuba gear and protective head gear, Katie Frank glides through the water to intercept a pass. Out of the corner of her eye, she spots teammate Nick Kwiatkowski on a breakaway farther up the pool. Using her specialized wooden stick, she leads the orange, lead-weighted puck to him. He cradles it on his stick and maneuvers past a few opponents, who cut through the water with awesome effort in an attempt to block Kwiatkowski's path. One player is forced to stop and rise up from the 5-foot-deep water to blow some water out of his snorkel, but returns to the game within a few seconds. With little effort, Kwiatkowski fakes left, then flips the puck toward the metal goal. As the puck nails the back right corner of the goal, the players stop, in mid-action, and almost instantaneously rise above water to discuss the play. Following a short break to catch their breath, they line up at opposing ends of the lap pool in IM Sports-Circle.


MIDDAY UPDATE: 'U' student publishes online zine Punkt

Greg Mercer admits he loves to write, but after attempting to get the things he wrote published, he came to the conclusion that he had a style that wasn't "mainstream enough." "I wanted to have something where I could reach as many people as I could and that's why I chose to do it online, in a press form," the lifelong education student said. His online zine, Punkt, was launched Oct.


Selling Sparty

MSU fans love to show off their Spartan pride, and on football Saturdays on campus, it’s easy to spot thousands of MSU faithful showing off their love for their team with commercial products. Fans can stay dry under an MSU E-Z UP Instant Shelter, relax on an inflatable MSU chair or folding tailgate chair, wear an MSU cap and check their MSU watch to make sure they get into the stadium before kickoff - all while cooking some bratwursts on the grill, topped by an MSU grill cover. Terry Livermore, the manager of MSU’s University Licensing Programs, said there are 500 companies under license from MSU and they experience about a 20 percent turnover per year. Livermore said the university’s royalty rate is 8 percent of the wholesale price and revenues are down 6 percent this year. The money the university makes from royalties are split between the Academic Scholarship Fund, the Ralph Young Fund and Auxiliary Services, Livermore said. “Being a public institution, we’re sensitive to a company’s request,” he said.