Saturday, April 20, 2024

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The meteoric rise of the mocktail in Lansing

Movies and other popular culture would have you think that drinking is a must during a night out. But more and more bars and restaurants are moving toward having nonalcoholic cocktails, or "mocktails," on their menu, giving people a creative and flavorful alcohol-free drinking experience.


Students navigate health care for pets in college

“It’s a really big responsibility. I think the idea of adopting an animal is really glamorized, especially for college students … I think it’s great when people want to adopt animals, … (but) people should make a pros and cons list of owning a pet (before adopting),” human biology junior Sydney June said.


How students can take care of themselves during the winter semester

It’s the end of January. The calm of winter break has sparked the hectic schedule of a new semester. New Year’s Resolutions have fallen in priority like snow has fallen to the ground. Sleep becomes rare while stress becomes common, but MSU experts advocating for student wellness say it’s time to put yourself first.“Health is the capacity of an individual at any given time to be in this world, to interact with the world and to give back to the world,” Director of Health Promotion Dennis Martell said.