Monday, May 20, 2024

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East Lansing City Council approves grant application for Hannah Community Center construction

The East Lansing City Council convened on April 4 to vote on a resolution to recognize ‘No Mow May,' during which residents are encouraged to hold off on mowing their lawns until June to conserve energy, reduce carbon emissions and produce less waste from lawn clippings. The council also voted to approve an application for $625,000 to the Michigan Department of Natural Resources through the Spark Grant program.


Experts discuss factors that cause men to be most common perpetrators of mass violence

Experts of gun violence and child psychology say that modeled violence, sensitivity to rejection, and unhealthy externalization of social frustrations during childhood are factors that can to lead men being the most common perpetrators of gun violence.Davido Dupree, an assistant professor of psychology at the Community College of Philadelphia, said that children and adolescents learn their coping mechanisms from behaviors they observe.“We can learn new behaviors because we see it and store it,” Dupree said.