Thursday, May 23, 2024



Concert Review: Headliners of Stoopfest

Sidney Gish and Frontier Ruckus headlined the local music festival of Stoopfest, impressing audiences, including Entertainment Reporter Liz Nass, with new sounds, lyricism and musical style. Tik Tok famous Sidney Gish also spoke to Nass on her set. 


Art Recommendation: Music to experience April

April comes along with the influx of emotions. It might be frustration as it is still snowing in the middle of April. It might be hope, as the summer will be here soon and you will get to wear your favorite summer clothes. There may be a hint of sadness as well, for the seniors preparing for the next transition in their life. Whatever it may be, our culture writer has compiled a list of songs that promise to accompany you through it.