Sunday, May 22, 2022

Quynh Anh Tong

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Art Recommendation: Music to experience April

April comes along with the influx of emotions. It might be frustration as it is still snowing in the middle of April. It might be hope, as the summer will be here soon and you will get to wear your favorite summer clothes. There may be a hint of sadness as well, for the seniors preparing for the next transition in their life. Whatever it may be, our culture writer has compiled a list of songs that promise to accompany you through it.


How Euphoria can become a lasting cultural phenomenon

This article is not going to be a think piece about whether the show was glamorizing drugs, or how far can the producers stretch the impact of visuals before they must open the writer room. What it attempted to do, is explain how Euphoria became a cultural phenomenon while many other recent shows have struggled to do so.