Sunday, December 5, 2021

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ASMSU moves all work online

“I was recently made aware that a staff member has tested positive for COVID-19,” ASMSU Chief of Staff Kyle Biel said in the email. “As such, I am reaching out to all of you in an effort to promote a safe and healthy working environment. I have decided that we will be moving to all online work effective immediately.” 


MDHHS issues new quarantine guidelines for COVID-positive students

According to the press release, a fully vaccinated student who came in close contact with a COVID-positive student can continue going to in-person classes if they closely monitor symptoms for 14 days after exposure and continue to follow the mask mandate.  If an unvaccinated student was masked and less than three feet apart in an indoor setting, they can remain in school if they wear a mask, too. 


How to stay healthy in the dorms

While hand washing and social distancing can help in preventing the spread of COVID-19, the following tips and tricks can help your body feel stronger and healthier as you head into the new school year.