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From 'Dawn 'Til Dusk': Student fashion magazine VIM hosts annual spring fashion show

March 16, 2024
<p>Kaitlyn Keele walking for the VIM fashion show, 'Dawn 'Til Dusk', at the Wharton Center on Mar. 14, 2024.</p>

Kaitlyn Keele walking for the VIM fashion show, 'Dawn 'Til Dusk', at the Wharton Center on Mar. 14, 2024.

MSU’s student fashion magazine, VIM, hosted their annual spring fashion show at the Passant Theatre in the Wharton Center Thursday night.

The show featured 38 student designers and 125 student models. The theme was Dawn 'Til Dusk with the show split into two halves, the first of which featured day time looks with lighter color palettes and the second of which showcased looks tailored to night time. 

“While picking the theme this year, we really wanted to make something that the designers could all design cohesively, so that we're not…telling them what they can and can't design, but rather making it so they send us their designs and we can work with that,” VIM Fashion Relations Creative Director Bella Finnegan said.

To begin the first half of the show, a preview clip was played for the audience, made and directed by members of VIM’s film team. Then, when intermission came and the day time models and designers were done walking, another video played, previewing the night time half of the show. Prior to the show, Fashion Relations Business Director Carli Pitello said these videos would completely transform the show itself. 

“It's something more immersive for our audience. It really sets the scene,” she said. 


In addition to the films played during the show, the looks themselves took a lot of work for the designers. Finnegan had looks modeled in the show and said she was looking forward to having her work displayed.

“It’s something I'm really proud of, I really expressed my creativity and my friends are actually modeling for me as they're walking down the runway,” she said. “I just put a lot of work into it and I'm just going to be a puddle of tears.”

Finnegan also directed the creative side of the show. In addition to working on her own designs, she coordinated with models and designers in the lead up to the show as well as making sure everything from music to lighting to the films was organized. Pitello and VIM’s other Fashion Relations Business Director Bailey Beauchamp were in charge of the logistical aspects.

“Doing fundraisers to get money, reaching out to local businesses for possibly getting sponsors for the show, selling tickets is a huge thing and also just dealing with social media on demand as well…trying to get the word out as much as possible,” Beauchamp said.


The entire show was organized, directed and designed by students. Pitello said this was an important part of the event and the work that VIM is doing. 

“All of the designers and all the models are students, which is such a cool experience,” she said. “We all have a lot going on in our lives. We all maybe want to do different things in our lives, but this is a different place where we can come together.”


While the students in the Fashion Relations team are tasked entirely with the organization, preparation and execution of the show, the directors emphasized the contributions of other VIM teams as well. 

“Everyone has worked so hard from models, practicing their walks, practicing walking in their shoes, designers putting blood sweat and tears into these looks, it's just going to be an amazing show,” Finnegan said. 


The show was a culmination of all the work that VIM, their directors, their designers and all of the other teams put in over the course of the school year. 

“It’s just kind of fun to bring everyone together and just to get people to hear about VIM and see all the cool, fun things that we do and how passionate we are about the organization,” Pitello said.


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