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Emily Hoyumpa elected as MSU student body president

April 19, 2023
<p>Emily Hoyumpa reacts as she is elected ASMSU's newest President on April 18, 2023.</p>

Emily Hoyumpa reacts as she is elected ASMSU's newest President on April 18, 2023.

Social relations and policy senior Emily Hoyumpa was elected student body president by the Associated Students of MSU last night. 

Hoyumpa, ASMSU's associate vice president of internal administration, received praise during public comments at the beginning of the night. 

"It's clear that Emily cares about her community and she's great at connecting with those around her." Registered Student Organization, Students Demand Action at MSU said. 

Hoyumpa outlined her goals in a speech to the general assembly. 

“Working on cohesion between the five different facets of ASMSU, and just bringing departments closer together, building strong relationships and having inclusivity in this environment,” Hoyumpa said.

She said she wants to hit the ground running. 

“I know there's a lot of advocacy points and a lot of different points of view and backgrounds, but you want to make sure everyone is heard and feels included in these conversations,” Hoyumpa said. 

The general assembly had time to ask her questions they had all deliberated on during their first closed session. College of Natural Science Joy Haitaiam asked her what her first three priorities are. 

“Really transforming what goes on here,” Hoyumpa said. "The two ideas I have for that right now are working with representatives on potentially creating a position, whether it be Speaker of the House or liaison, between the General Assembly and the Office of the President. And then third one was just looking at different accountability checks for the Office of the President.” 

After the general assembly asked their five prepared questions they entered an hour and 20 minute-long closed session to think through and debate the information had heard.

At 11:20 p.m., it was voted on by the 60th General Assembly of ASMSU that Hoyumpa is the next student body president.

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