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Associated Students of MSU candidate goes rogue

April 20, 2023
<p>"I Voted" Stickers on hand at ASMSU's election on April 18, 2023.</p>

"I Voted" Stickers on hand at ASMSU's election on April 18, 2023.

The Associated Students of Michigan State University is a political entity on campus representing the student body. During ASMSU Office of the President elections, candidates are given five minutes to give a speech and then are asked pre-determined questions by the general assembly. 

On the second night of elections yesterday, Vice President of Academic Affairs candidate and computer science junior Kanden Cho was the third to speak.

“To be frank, I know my chances are very, very low right now," Cho said. “I've heard all about inclusion from everyone here and that the system that you guys have over here is pretty much built against it. Y'all are disgusting hypocrites.”

Cho used his five minutes to point out flaws he sees in ASMSU and how the organization is run.

“For two years, I didn't know what ASMSU was," Cho said. "I didn't really care. Now I really wish I didn't know it all. You all should be happy nobody knows or cares about this place because it is an embarrassment.”

When his allotted time concluded, before the general assembly asked its questions, Cho ripped the paper on which his speech was written in half.

Broad College of Business representative Delaney Jones asked how Cho would ensure that the students appointed to university governance committees are prepared to represent the student body.

Cho yielded his time back to the chair which became a recurring trend for the rest of the questions asked to him.

After the initial vote was totaled, it was announced that Cho received zero votes from the general assembly.

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