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Over 200 student organizations showcase their passions at 2023 Springticipation

January 18, 2023

From building drones to learning how to salsa, if you're a MSU student with an interest, there's probably a club for it.

Over 200 registered student organizations, or RSOs, gathered in Michigan State University's STEM building Tuesday for Springticipation. The event, held each semester, gives students an opportunity to engage with other students with similar hobbies or goals. 

Members of Spartners in Crime find community in discussing true crime cases. Political science and psychology senior Jillian Jezak said that the club approaches true crime differently than other forms of entertainment do – they are careful to not glamorize crime. 

The club focuses on the nitty gritty, diving into how the police take certain steps in solving different crimes, Jezak said. 

“We just have a really good group of people that get together and have fun and have really good discussions,” Jezak said. 

MSU Interim President Teresa Woodruff attended the event, where she talked and took pictures with different organizations. Woodruff said she was excited to be surrounded by so many students engaging. 

“I just met some who are looking for student volunteer areas that they can put their passions in," Woodruff said. "It’s really exciting to be here and I’m just glad to be here, I’m glad to be a part of it.”  

Royal Encounters, one of MSU's volunteer-based organizations, showed up to attract more members.  Members dress up as superheroes and princesses to attend events for sick, disabled or underprivileged children, human biology senior Ava Magryta said. 

Civil engineering junior Olivia Pauls said belonging to the club is a unique way to benefit the community.

"You get to be a princess or a superhero and all the little kids look at you like you're the coolest thing ever," Pauls said. 

The Outdoors Club is dedicated to exploring the nature. The club takes members on group outings and retreats, which english education junior Madelyn Turrill said allows people to step outside of their comfort zones. 

“(That) is one of the only ways that people can really grow and once you realize that, you can make so many new connections and friends,” Turill said.

Students looking to improve their artistic and writing skills might be interested in joining the Graphic Novels Club, zoology junior Alli Gregory said. 

The club spends time teaching its members about art and writing. It's a low-stakes environment to learn new skills, Gregory said. 

“Learning about art and writing is kind of tricky because sometimes people are afraid to share their stuff, but we’re a really fun and welcoming environment,” Gregory said.

Open to students of all experience levels, Salsa Club is centered around learning the Latin dance. 

“We have a lot of people come in from all different ages, all different areas of life," Spanish senior Kaitlyn Wehner said. "You can not know how to dance at all and they teach you from the ground up,”  Wehner said. 

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