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Lansing Shuffle to bring food, music and games to Lansing's riverfront

January 13, 2023
Lansing Shuffle on Tuesday, Jan. 10, 2023.
Lansing Shuffle on Tuesday, Jan. 10, 2023.

Shuffleboard is moving from your grandparent’s backyard to the heart of downtown Lansing.

Lansing Shuffleboard and Social Club will open its doors on Jan. 25th. The building that formerly houses Lansing City Market has been transformed into a venue that will comprise seven restaurants, five shuffleboard courts, two bars, a lounge and a riverfront patio. 

 Development Consultant Kristie Ducorouble said Lansing Shuffle aims to bring the community together through food, music, drinks and entertainment – the same concept as its sister company, The Detroit Shipping Company, located in Detroit. 

But why shuffleboard?

The simple nature of the game makes it easy, approachable and ideal to bring the community together, what Ducorouble says is the “guiding principle” behind the company’s vision.

The game of shuffleboard involves competing either one-on-one or in teams to slide a disc into scoring zones on the opposite end of the board. For a more extensive explanation of the game, Lansing Shuffle's website has a list of rules. 

Lansing Shuffle hopes to host shuffleboard leagues that will have options to meet both weekly and monthly, in addition to hosting an open-play for those who want to take a more casual approach to the game. 

The location of the "one stop shop" provides opportunity for community involvement and events, Director of Operations Matthew Zacklan said. Located riverside, it serves as an extension of Rotary Park, an outdoor area overlooking the Grand River. 

The private lounge space inside can be rented out to host a variety of events, from business meetings to bridal parties. 

“We'll have programming all throughout the week to find different events, ticketed, non-ticketed and open for private events,” Ducorouble said.

Though the venue is expected to house seven different restaurants, four have been confirmed for opening day. Brown Dogs, which features American Cuisine, Osteria Vegana which will serve vegan Italian food, Yeti Kitchen, which has Himalayan street food and Irie Smoke Stack, a Caribbean BBQ restaurant will be open for business. 

Lansing Shuffle is currently looking for restaurants to fill their last vacancies, but Ducorouble has a vision of Mexican cuisine and a healthy food option, which would be ideally sourced locally. 

“We would love them to be local chefs, we would love to see tacos, some sort of Mexican concept, maybe something else lighter and healthier,” Ducorouble said. 

Lansing Shuffle hopes to become a part of the town's live music scene.

“We’d like to keep it local, the local town has kind of made a name for itself and we’re big on that, so hopefully we’ll find a lot of good upcoming artists,” Zacklan said. 

The grand opening of Lansing Shuffle will be hosted on Jan. 25., featuring food, drinks and a five-piece band for live entertainment. 

“Our plan is to be Lansing’s best food and entertainment spot,” Ducorouble said.

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