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Going home for break told by the out-of-state student at MSU

November 22, 2022

The university’s official fall break is on Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday, which allows little time for out-of-state students to travel back home.

The Fall 2022 Enrollment Report says out-of-state students make up 22.7% of the total undergraduate enrollment.

“I definitely think that we should get more time off because … traveling takes almost all day,” criminal justice sophomore Agata Osmolska said.

Traveling to the airport on a bus and being required to arrive at the airport two hours ahead of departure becomes a day-long transportation ride, nursing sophomore Abby Fogerty said. She has an exam on Wednesday afternoon and a flight right after.

“My exam was supposed to be like three o'clock on Wednesday, and my flight most likely would have gotten delayed or canceled. So I just was not even going to go home,” Fogerty said.

The train to Chicago leaves and arrives at the same time every day, sophomore marketing Carina Alsina said.

“Let's say I have like a 9 a.m. on Thursday, and I want to go home like I won't be able to go home until Friday morning,” Alsina said. “Like it looks like a waste of a Thursday.”

However, some professors are more flexible during Thanksgiving week whether classes are held on Zoom or asynchronously.

“I think teachers are more lenient over Thanksgiving just because they want to spend time with their family too,” elementary education sophomore Katlyn SaLoutos said. “It's all just like, easier to take a breather this week and have like an actual break.”

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