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A letter from our editors

May 5, 2022
Editor-In-Chief Karly Graham and Managing Editor Jayna Bardahl at The State News 2022 banquet.
Editor-In-Chief Karly Graham and Managing Editor Jayna Bardahl at The State News 2022 banquet. —
Photo by Devin Anderson-Torrez | The State News

Dear readers,

Eight months ago, we wrote to you about our commitment to sharing the stories that make up MSU. As new leaders of The State News we approached our positions with a fresh mindset, eager to welcome our staff and peers back to an in-person environment.  

Since then, we learned about our community and the people who lead it. We covered a robust MSU football team that brought energy back to the program. We amped up our culture desk coverage with special attention to pop culture and student interests. 

We’ve lived through interim presidents, pandemics and elections as Michigan State undergrads. We’ve seen downtown East Lansing expand with skyscraping apartments. We’ve seen our beloved Taco Bell and other late-night staples close their doors; and while we read our peers’ reflections on the class of 2022’s experience in this issue's centerpiece story, we couldn’t help but reflect ourselves. 

During every news break, we turned to The State News. We listened to our peers and brought their stories to our publication. We lived with the class of 2022, while amplifying their stories.

The Friday before our graduation, we’ll be celebrating a year of hard work at a banquet celebrating The State News, our students, professional staff and Board of Directors. We are two of three current S-Newsers that have seen this celebration in person. All other staffers have only seen so virtually. 

We were lucky enough to have a full, normal school year before the COVID-19 pandemic changed everything. 

We saw the traditions as young freshmen, and there was nothing more rewarding than bringing these back to The State News and MSU as seniors. 

But we can’t stay at The State News forever.

Karly will be staying in Lansing for the start of the summer, reporting for Bridge Michigan. 

Jayna will pursue a sports reporting internship with The Boston Globe this summer.  

We won’t be at the helm of the newsroom anymore, but we are confident The State News is in good hands with the staff members we leave behind us. 

We hope you keep reading after our time here is done. We hope we did well for you. 


Karly Graham

Jayna Bardahl

This letter was in our April 26, graduation print edition. Read the full issue here.

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