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Music update: What's MSU listening to?

April 1, 2022
<p>What are MSU students listening to?</p>

What are MSU students listening to?

In the past couple months, social media has been filled with people finally returning to stages, arenas and stadiums for a pastime some thought would never return: live music.

A myriad of concerts have come through the area and many college students are flocking to see their favorite artist. Zoology and fisheries and wildlife sophomore Grace Duerr was able to trek to two of her favorite artists recently: Tyler, the Creator and Greta Van Fleet.

Tyler, the Creator not only was super interactive with the crowd, interacting with audience members and making people laugh, but it was Duerr's first concert post pandemic, leaving her with a lingering feeling of normalcy.

“It was the first concert I went to where masks and tests were not required so it was very weird at first," Duerr said. "I did still wear a mask, but seeing so many people without masks and not being super uncomfortable with it was honestly really weird for me.” 

Duerr was finally able to interact with people yet again in an entertainment setting, making for a wholesome night of music with an artist she had liked since 2016 and her freshman year in high school.

Duerr also was able to make a family affair of her Greta Van Fleet concert, standing in pit, dancing to a band she has had a connection to for a long time. However, her timing for the show was impeccable.

“That was the third show of their concert series and every show since then has been canceled," Duerr said. "They are not performing again until after April 2 because two days after the show I went to in Saginaw, one of the band members got pneumonia and was in the hospital, so I got incredibly lucky seeing them when I did.”

Duerr felt honored to also be at one of their homecoming shows in their home state of Michigan in Frankenmuth. She has been following their career since their humble days in Michigan.

“I liked them since they had just started as high schoolers who were just about to graduate playing music out of their garage," Duerr said. "To see them now going on a US tour … knowing all of these kids are literally from two hours away from me and I have been here since the band was formed.”

Duerr was impressed by how since 2017 when Greta Van Fleet was a small, unknown band, their production quality and fan base has grown astronomically.

Duerr now plans to see more concerts continuously from now on due to how much she missed it and is looking forward to Mo Pop fest in Detroit this summer.

“I didn't realize how much I missed concerts during COVID but having been to a couple within the last few weeks … now that things are opening back up, it's very odd and it's definitely made me realize I missed it more than I thought,” Duerr said.

Meanwhile, marketing freshman Kirstyn Turner has spent her concert experiences with one of the hottest artists today: Billie Eilish. Turner was surprised that she was able to get so close to the stage with her general admission tickets, being able to see her favorite artist from the second row, making friends with the others around her just as obsessed with the 'Bad Guy' singer.

“All the people around us were really nice," Turner said. "We made friends with some of the girls behind us and she also strongly encouraged everyone to wear a mask so it felt safe … it felt very intimate being so close.”

Being a fan since 2016, Turner had already had her Billie tickets since 2020, yet having COVID cancel it before she could go. Relating to her songs all throughout Eilish's career, Turner knew she had to still go post-pandemic.

However, Turner is not tired of concerts yet. She is manifesting more tickets to come out from Olivia Rodrigo's Sour Tour, looking to get her fair share of concerts after a great introduction back into the world of live music.

Music Review Team at Impact FM member Luke Adams took an alternative turn to live entertainment over his spring break. He had an opportunity to see "American Utopia" on Broadway by David Byrne, known for his work in the Talking Heads.

“The gist of the show as described by Byrne stems from the idea that of all the things that human beings look at, they respond most positively to looking at other people,” Adams said.

Adams expressed that the show is about the people and performers as individuals: vibrant and choreographed perfectly into massive displays of motion. He believes that this is a way for Byrne to display his legacy: solo cuts to the Talking Heads back catalog.

“Every song is performed basically pitch-perfect to how they sound on record, but the show itself gives these songs an incredible vibrancy that really elevates them to a new level of craft," Adams said.

However, live music is not the only way to consume it. New music has also take campus by storm, especially the new Rex Orange County album, "Who Cares?" Rex fanatic, human biology freshman Payton Fletcher is one of the most excited fans of the new album.

“I loved it," Fletcher said. "I think like everyone else was expecting a heartbreak album but I really love it because I love love songs, and considering that this album has so many is amazing.”

While "The Shade" is her favorite song from the new album, "Best Friend" from her New Music Friday many years ago was the song that made her fall in love with the artist.

“It’s just so happy," Fletcher said. "It always puts me in a good mood every time I listen to his songs."

Fletcher has also been relistening to older music that is seasonally necessary for her. Solar Power has been on repeat for her due to the nice weather.

Anywhere you go on campus, music is there, being listened to, danced to, shared and being discovered for the first time. Michigan State stays groovy, searching out live shows and even enjoying music in the comfort of their own Spotify playlists.

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