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20 citations issued and 5 arrests made after MSU victory over Michigan

November 2, 2021
<p>MSU fans gather in Cedar Village after MSU&#x27;s victory over the University of Michigan on Oct. 30, 2021. </p>

MSU fans gather in Cedar Village after MSU's victory over the University of Michigan on Oct. 30, 2021.

Photo by Sheldon Krause | The State News

On Nov. 1, the City of East Lansing released a press release addressing multiple calls of fires, property damage, blocked streets and incapacitated individuals as a result of the Michigan State University and University of Michigan football game on Oct. 30.

“While there were many who celebrated the Spartan win this past weekend in a responsible way, we are disappointed that so many individuals engaged in destructive, dangerous and illegal behavior following the game,” East Lansing City Manager George Lahanas said. “These unlawful behaviors are not only extremely dangerous, but they unnecessarily overburden our critical emergency services on busy game days and overshadow great Spartan victories. Any notions that these unlawful behaviors are acceptable traditions are wrong.”

On Oct. 30, the East Lansing Police Department, or ELPD, had a total of 349 calls for service, and there were 20 citations issued and five arrests made. From 7:30 a.m. on Oct. 30 to 7:30 a.m. on Oct. 31, East Lansing Fire Department had a total of 142 calls for service. This included 79 EMS calls, 57 fire calls, 26 truck/squad medic assists, 20 fire alarm calls, six mutual aid calls and two elevator rescues.

Cedar Village, an apartment complex bordering Bogue Street near the east end of MSU's campus, became the scene of a massive crowd that flipped a vehicle and was the location of at least one fire.

The crowd initially formed on Cedar Street, a few hundred yards away from Grand River Avenue. Fans from the area converged in the middle of the street, chanting MSU’s fight song.

Approximately 30 minutes after the game ended, a vehicle was flipped on its side in the northern part of the crowd, sparking uproar. Fans climbed on top of the vehicle, and multiple kicked the windshield and doors. The owner of the vehicle is currently unknown.

The vehicle was flipped upside down shortly after. Two fireworks were also set off near the vehicle.

While the car was on its side, students proceeded to kick the windshield. There was an altercation between two students, one who was kicking the windshield and a second who was trying to urge first to stop.

At least one student was arrested for kicking the car after police arrived on the scene.

More photos of the scene at Cedar Village and M.A.C can be found here and here.

The Lansing Police Department, MSU Police and Public Safety, Michigan State Police, the Meridian Township Police Department and the Ingham County Sheriff’s Office assisted ELPD with the response.

“The East Lansing Police Department was adequately prepared for a celebration following MSU’s big win over Michigan. Unfortunately, our peacekeeping efforts had to be shifted to responding to several couch fires in the roadway and large crowds that were blocking streets, which resulted in major safety concerns and traffic issues,” East Lansing Police Chief Kim Johnson said. “Setting fires and causing malicious destruction of property is a totally unacceptable way for Spartans and Spartan fans to celebrate big wins. We will be seeking the fullest extent of charges for those individuals who have been captured in photos and videos setting fires and causing damage to other people’s property.”

MSUPD inspector Chris Rozman said the department received no reports of vandalism or arson on campus.

"We were very pleased with the behavior of all fans that came to Spartan Stadium to enjoy the big game," Rozman said. "Our IPF-Grounds department has done a great job cleaning up campus after the game yesterday."

ELPD will be pursuing charges against identified individuals who committed crimes following the game and anyone with information, photos and/or videos is encouraged to contact ELPD Sgt. Adam Park at 517-319-6834.

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