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Sparrow Health Systems prepares for widened public distribution

January 13, 2021
<p>Kisha Nason works in the tent performing COVID-19 testing at the Black Lives Matter rally at the Capitol on June 29, 2020.</p>

Kisha Nason works in the tent performing COVID-19 testing at the Black Lives Matter rally at the Capitol on June 29, 2020.

Photo by Matt Schmucker | The State News

As an estimated 83,000 people in Ingham County have become eligible to get vaccinated, Sparrow Health Systems will be moving forward this week with plans to vaccinate members of the public in prioritization group 1B, in Ingham County, for those that are 70 and older and certain essential workers as early as Monday.

The announcement came on Wednesday, Jan. 13 in a press release. Sparrow representative John Foren. Foren said that Sparrow is prepared for the wider distribution. 

“We feel good, there’s again, a lot of details, but we’re working through those,” Foren said. “I think we’re going to hit the ground running next week.”

Sparrow announced their vaccination plans at a time when Ingham County Health Department (ICHD) had become fully booked with patients, having appointments booked through the end of February. In a press release Monday, ICHD said that vaccine supply has slowed down their distribution, and Sparrow is also on the cusp of that.

“We have actually allocated or distributed 98% of the vaccines we’ve received, which is more than most systems around the state,” Foren said. “Which means we’ve either used them already or set them aside for upcoming clinics.”

In total, Sparrow has distributed 9,351 doses of vaccine, while having received a total of 17,725, most of which fall in that 98% category of distributed or allocated, according to the release.

Clinic dates and distribution locations have yet to be announced, but all vaccinations will require a preregistration. Sparrow’s online registration system will require proof that the patient qualifies for the vaccine, although the system has yet to be finalized and is currently not available but is expected to open soon. 

Earlier this week, local health systems were flooded with calls and emails regarding vaccinations. ICHD experienced glitches that left many people who had signed up for vaccinations without confirmation on appointment details.

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