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Trump supporters gather at Capitol following Biden's projected win

November 7, 2020
<p>A crowd of supporters for President Donald Trump at the Stop The Steal rally at the Michigan State Capital on Saturday, November 7, 2020</p>

A crowd of supporters for President Donald Trump at the Stop The Steal rally at the Michigan State Capital on Saturday, November 7, 2020

Photo by Di'Amond Moore | The State News

A crowd of protesters gathered at the state Capitol Saturday afternoon, shortly after president-elect Joe Biden was projected to win the presidential race for the 2020 election.

The event titled "Stop the Steal" called on the public to take a stand against alleged voter fraud. Brandon Straka, an organizer of the event addressed the crowd stating there is no way to believe Joe Biden truly won this election.

"This is not over," Straka said. "Let me remind you of a few things---the patriots of America decide elections, not the media. I don't give a rat's a--- if CNN called the election. CNN does not decide elections, you decide elections."

Straka emphasized this has nothing to do with being a sore loser stating they simply didn't lose, prompting a "we won" chant from the crowd.

"If they count every ballot fairly, if we have a free and fair election which shows us that Joe Biden is the winner---not gonna happen--if that were the case, we will accept it," Straka said.

The protesters, who support President Donald Trump, chanted statements such as "U.S.A." and "four more years."

After days of vote counting, Biden and running mate Kamala Harris were projected to win the presidency over Trump and Vice President Mike Pence. Biden won 281 electoral votes, taking swing states like Michigan, Arizona and Nevada.


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The controversy began this week surrounding the counting of votes, including a lawsuit filed by Trump's campaign in Michigan. The lawsuit was denied in the Michigan Court of Claims Friday.

Shemeka Michelle, another organizer of the event also addressed the crowd introduced by Straka who said "Hell hath no fury like a Black woman pissed the f--- off."

Michelle opened her statements addressing Black Lives Matter stating their supporters push the lie of white supremacy and calling them a "hoax", a "lie" and a "jinx".

"You got to be a sorry sack of s--- to not know that your life matters, to support Black Lives Matter," Michelle said. "This is all lives matter, but you shouldn't have to wake up every day needing somebody to verify that for you ... Any organization that seeks to destroy the Black family is not for the Black life."

Michelle said she did not work so hard to see the Black vote go up from 8% to 12% to see that right be snatched from the American people.

"There is no way in hell they are going to get me to believe that sleepy Joe Biden got more votes than Obama, there is no way in hell they're going to get me to believe that Jim Crow Joe got a bunch of people out to vote for him knowing that he's a lying racist white man," Michelle said.

One speaker asked the crowd if they were willing to fight for Trump, adding "this is the second civil war."

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Following the rally, Lansing Mayor Andy Schor released a statement addressing the day's events.

"The Constitution dictates democracy and free speech. Today, democracy was demonstrated with the counting of ballots and the election of a president. Hundreds of people have come to the Capitol to exercise their constitutional rights to free speech and protest, both in support and opposed to the new president, but they must do so peacefully. I call on all to act through speech, not violence,” Schor said in the statement.


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