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Quiz: What type of college kid are you when you're home for the holidays?

December 6, 2019
<p>An East Lansing home covered in snow, photographed on Nov. 13, 2019. </p>

An East Lansing home covered in snow, photographed on Nov. 13, 2019.

Photo by Matt Zubik | The State News

Going home for the holidays as a college student can either be a complete headache, a fun experience or a combination of both.

Take the quiz below to figure out what type of college kid you are during the holiday season.

1. Your mom asks you to assist her cooking.

A. You help her cook, but do the bare minimum.

B. Stay in bed because that’s not your thing.

C. Help your mom in a heartbeat because cooking is your thing.

2. A family member brought over some dry cake for the holiday festivities.

A. Eat the cake, but refuse to tell your family member how it tastes when they ask.

     B. Tell your family member that maybe baking cake is not their thing.

     C. Take a piece of the cake, pretend you ate it and then toss it in the trash.

3. Your annoying cousin keeps bothering you and you want them to leave you alone.

A. Tell them you’re going through a midlife crisis and need some time alone. 

B.  Be straight up honest with them and tell them they need to back off.

C. Talk to their parents about how annoying their child is, and advise seeking help for the future. 

4. Your aunts keeps asking about your love life. How do you respond? 

A. Tell them they need to mind their own business because it’s none of their concern. 

B. Make a disclaimer at the beginning of the dinner that you are single and minding your business. 

C. Spill the tea so they will never have to ask again. 

5.  The family holiday gathering is getting pretty boring. 

A. Go to bed. 

B. Start a dance competition with your family to spice things up.

C. Leave and go to a friend's house because their family is more fun. 

6. Your parents want to go shopping with you, but you already made plans with your friends.

A. Let them tag along so they can pay for all of your stuff.

B. Be upfront and tell them they are not welcome to come because you already had plans. 

C. Tell your friends to bring their parents, too, and make it a family event.

7. You are at the register and your card declines. 

A. Start panicking and start venting about your life problems to the cashier.

B. Pull out cash because you came with a back up plan.

C. Hold up the line by calling your parents to rescue you.

8. Friends from high school would like to hang out with you over the holiday break but your college friends want to hang out, too. 

A. Hang out with friends from high school because you haven’t seen them in a while.

B. You are too stressed to decide which friend group to hang out with so you cancel plans with everybody. 

C. Invite all your friends to the same gathering knowing you'll regret it in the end due to different personalities. 

Regular College Student 

Mostly A’s — If you scored mostly A’s, you are a college kid that comes home because you don’t really have a choice. Your parents and friends look to you for help and you attempt to give it. You sometimes hide your true feelings from family but deep down you love being home because it is a safe space for you. 

Clapback Queen

Mostly B’s — If you scored mostly B’s, being home brings a sense of anxiety to you, you dread the family talks that are all up in your business. You also express a little bit of attitude because you would rather be doing something else. 

Social Butterfly

Mostly C’s — If you scored mostly C’s, home makes you feel cozy inside, you enjoy every little moment of being home including the bad and the good. You enjoy the small things, because they mean a lot to you. Plus, you enjoy spending time with friends and family because they normally treat you well.


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