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What college shopping mistakes to avoid

October 4, 2019
<p>Design by Courtney McKown.</p>

Design by Courtney McKown.


When shopping for dorm or college supplies, it can be difficult to determine what you need and what you can live without.

Here are 10 mistakes that you should avoid while shopping for your new space or for college in general.

1. Buying too much food

Sounds crazy, but while living in a dorm, I bought too many snacks when I mainly used my meal plan or got a combo from Sparty’s.

2. Buying too many food containers

They get in the way if you don’t plan to cook your own meals or have leftovers.

3. Having a lack of professional business clothes

Job fairs and interviews are a part of college, and you should definitely bring some business professional clothes to be prepared.

4. Not buying enough decorations

Having decorations in your dorm adds a sense of attitude and personality. It also can make the space feel more like home.

5. Buying silver instead of plastic eating utensils

If you are not living in an apartment, it can be a little difficult using silverware because you constantly have to clean it. Plus, it’s just easier to throw away the plastic ones. 

6. Buying Duplicate Things

Many times, you might have things at home that you don’t bring with you, but it’s best to bring them anyway instead of buying a whole new set for college.

7. Not buying extra comforters and sheets

Bringing extra sheets and comforters are important because it can be inconvenient only having one set if you mess up the first set. Sometimes, you just want something fresh and having an extra set is useful for that.

8. Forgetting to get medicine

During the fall months, sickness travels fast and you might forget to pack medicines that will be useful for you. 

9. Not buying a bike

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Bikes are a good source of transportation during the warmer months because they make traveling on campus more accessible. 

10. Not buying tools

Screw drivers, batteries and other household products are things we often overlook, but they are pretty useful to have when you have to set things up. 

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