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East Lansing hosts Autumn Fest at Farmers Market

October 14, 2019
<p>Karen Miller, left, paints Madeline Huddleston’s face, right, at Autumn Fest at the East Lansing Farmer&#x27;s Market on Oct. 13, 2019.</p>

Karen Miller, left, paints Madeline Huddleston’s face, right, at Autumn Fest at the East Lansing Farmer's Market on Oct. 13, 2019.

Photo by Annie Barker | The State News

The city ofEast Lansing hosted Autumn Fest at the East Lansing Farmers Market Oct. 13, where residents participated in fall-themed activities with free donuts and cider while listening to live music. 

Local retailers opened up shop at the farmers market from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. with more than 30 vendors including Hickory Knoll Farms, El Burrito Mexicano and Sanctuary Pizza.

“It is a yearly event. It's put on by the city of East Lansing,” event organizer Karla Forrest-Hewitt said. “It’s in conjunction with the farmer’s market and there are free activities as well for the families and children.”

She said the farmers market is a staple to East Lansing because it allows citizens to get organic produce and meet others in the area.

“It’s really great to be able to get fresh, locally grown organic vegetables,” said Michigan State alumna and retired researcher Paulette Hatchett. “You also meet the people who live in your community and the people who provide produce to the area.”

Hatchett said the farmers market gives citizens a chance to experience the diversity within the city.

“I absolutely love this city,” Hatchett said. “I like the idea of living with the diverse community ... I help out in whatever community events come up that I’m able to participate in.”

The market has standards on what can be sold, said Hickory Knoll Farms owner Mike Metzger, who makes goat dairy products.

“It’s one of the few (farmers markets) in the area that requires all of the vendors produce everything that they sell,” Metzger said.

Forrest-Hewitt said the goal of Autumn Fest is to bring the people of East Lansing together to have some fall-themed fun.

“It’s just a way to bring the community together and celebrate harvest time,” Forrest-Hewitt said. “There’s always room for social experience. It brings people out. It makes us feel like a community and it provides fun activities for everyone.”


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