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Letters: Thank you to MSU students, issues with love, sex edition

People walk near Beaumont Tower on July 30, 2018.
People walk near Beaumont Tower on July 30, 2018.

By Alex Brooks

Brooks is a 2013 graduate of Michigan State and a former guest columnist for The State News.

What a day for The State News.

In celebration of Valentine's Day, it would appear The State News released a bevy of articles that were intended to create conversations around, or offer different perspectives on, love. The article headlines included “Having Sex (or not) is OK. Controlling others is not”, “Dealing with stereotypes in the gay community”, “Quiz: Want to know where on campus you’ll have sex next?”, “How being queer has shaped my college experience”, “Column: Bisexual Insecurities”, “Fantastic F*ck Bois and Where to Find Them”, “MSU professor, student resist sexualization of Latinas in Media” and the most interesting of all: “Dildo Bill Flop: A look back at last year's 'odd' ASMSU discussion." Let me provide a word of advice to my progressive friends who read these articles and think they are examples of quality journalism: This is how you got Trump. 

All the Democrats have to do to win back the White House in 2020 is not be crazy. By not being absolutely crazy it is all but promised they will attract the independent and even right of center voters that felt uneasy about voting for Trump in the first place. But when our great arbiters of truth, (the journalists), decide to spend their 800 words a week telling us about dildos and "f*ck bois," it creates an opening for Donald Trump to go “At least I’m not crazy." 

And he is not totally wrong! Though I may disagree with him on most things, I, and most centrists, have a hard time taking journalists seriously who say "Vote For Bernie Sanders" while in the same breath describe dildo legislation. That is the problem I think most progressives on the far left fail to realize, and it may be their undoing in 2020.  

By Ron Springer

Springer is a 1975 graduate of MSU.

On Feb. 8, I had the honor of being able to volunteer at the "Night to Shine" event at the 2/42 Community Church in Meridian Township. This event is a "Prom Night" for people with special needs from age 14 and up. They are announced and walk down a red carpet to music and the applause and cheers of a huge crowd on both sides of the entire length of the runway as they enter the auditorium for dinner and dancing. 

Why is this letter in The State News? Because a huge number of those lining the runway were MSU students, mostly female participants along with males as well. All were dressed for a prom on this bitterly cold night and stayed for the entire evening, dancing along side those with special needs. I tried to thank as many of these predominantly young women for coming out, and I hope by this letter, those I missed read it. The night was for those with special needs. Those who helped make it special were MSU's finest. Thank you!

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