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Construction agenda set for November, includes renovations and water improvements

November 13, 2018
<p>Construction and detours continue on Albert Avenue and on the corner of Abbot Road May 23, 2018. (Annie Barker | State News)</p>

Construction and detours continue on Albert Avenue and on the corner of Abbot Road May 23, 2018. (Annie Barker | State News)

Photo by Annie Barker | The State News

MSU's Infrastructure Planning and Facilities (IPF) has sent out its November construction agenda, which includes a campus snow plan, campus water system improvements and several building renovations.

Campus snow plan

In order to try to reduce the dangers of Michigan winters, the university will use a combination of brine and ice melt to combat icy conditions, the plan said. Together, the combination will prevent snow from sticking to the roads and the ice melt will lessen the issues with the preexisting ice. 

Those with cars are being asked to not park in residence hall loops between the hours of 2 a.m. and 6 a.m. so the snow can be cleared and to park in areas that have already been cleared of snow. 

The plan said students are advised to be smart about the weather and are encouraged to wear warm clothing and shoes, take shorter strides, avoid icy patches and make eye contact with the people driving equipment before crossing in front of them. 

Veterinary Medical Center

The Veterinary Medical Center’s second floor locker rooms will be undergoing renovations.

The locker rooms have been in the building since it was built in 1966. The "Construction Junction" plan said the locker rooms fail to accommodate the changes in class demographics and don't meet current needs. 

The project will reduce the threats of potential asbestos and lead paint, accommodate up to 250 students, provide ADA upgrades and introduce double-stacked lockers. The upgrades will also include a health and wellness room and a religious observance room.

Construction begins May 1, 2019 and is expected to be ready for use by Aug. 24, 2019. The plan said construction will lead to temporary detours.

Wonders Hall

Spaces for teaching, learning and student support will be renovated in Wonders Hall.

The building's former cafeteria provides an opportunity for more educational spaces, the plan said.

Construction will support the engineering curriculum and learning experiences by repurposing the instructional spaces on the first floor. To provide better safety, living wings will receive maintenance repairs including upgrades to water mains, fire alarm systems and emergency lighting. 

The center section of Wonders Hall is primarily what is being worked on, including repurposing the cafeteria and conversion of all classrooms — excluding the Kiva — into better student support facilities. 

Elevators are also being modified. There will be circulation improvements, additional restrooms being built, better accessibility and HVAC updates.

Construction is expected to start in January 2019 and the building will be ready for use by December 2019. 

Wilson Road Expansion Project

The agenda also included updates on the Wilson Road Expansion Project.

So far, right turn lanes from southbound Hagadorn to westbound Shaw lane are installed and open, curbs and asphalt base course had been laid in Parking Lot 33 and Hagadorn Boulevard pass-throughs have been removed.

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Detours will still ensue for pedestrians between Parking Lot 91 and Fee Hall and for residents and visitors on the River Terrace Neighborhood. Different vehicular and pedestrian detours will continue until Nov. 15.

Interdisciplinary Science and Technology building

The Interdisciplinary Science and Technology building project has reached new milestones, the construction plan said. Consumers Energy finished the gas service installation, concrete sidewalks have been poured around the building and generators are set. 

The plan said, because of frequent deliveries, traffic on Service Road will be heavy. 

Business Complex

The second addition to the Business College Complex now has operating air handlers and the installation of the wood ceilings has begun, the plan said. The mechanical, electrical and plumbing finishes have also started. 

STEM Teaching, Learning and Interdisciplinary Research Facility

STEM Teaching, Learning and Interdisciplinary Research Facilities have made progress in their construction projects. The temporary window protection has been installed, restoration on masonry continues, interior demolition continues and the first floor in the Annex wing has been removed. 

Cook Hall

Cook Hall’s renovations include the completed exterior masonry, installed lighting fixtures and almost complete flooring. Mechanical equipment is being put into operation as well. 

Pedestrian detours will continue.  

Jenison Field House

The renovation within Jenison Field House is nearing completion, and is expected to have occupancy by the end on January, the plan said. The second phase of drywall installation is expected to finish by the end of November. 

Campus water system 

Campus water system improvements have begun, with the underground plumbing for the Water Treatment Plant completed and floor slabs poured. Additionally, the installation of structural steel and masonry is in progress.

Water main connections may disrupt traffic temporarily on Service Road until mid-November, the plan said.

Music Building

The third addition of the Music Building has resulted in the demolition in the stair tower and Hart Recital Hall. A mass excavation is in progress as well, and spread footings and basement wall concrete pours have begun. 


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